Saturday, February 28, 2015

Middle Earth Movie Meme - Day Twenty-Three

The Hobbit character you understand the least

        Well, although there are some characters that I really don't like, and some characters that I like that do things I don't like, I understand why they are the way they are. Unlike Denethor, who just, YUCK. He has no excuse. I can't mention his name without saying how much I utterly despise him. In The Hobbit, though, even the yucky characters are pretty understandable. You can chalk their actions up to greed, or whatever. The one who has the least justification, I think, is the Master of Laketown. He has plenty of resources, and yet he lets everything rot and hoards stuff he doesn't even use. He has no mind for his people and is a coward and a slob. I refuse to have a picture of him on my blog, so if you're wondering what he looks like, there's always Google. :) I've talked about the theme of corrupt power throughout these movies before (and the wonderful way Bard does not abuse his own), and, well, the Master is no exception. He, first of all, is greedy. For nothing. He hoards treasure and other valuables in his house, and lets them spoil and depreciate when the people outside are in obvious need. They are cold and hungry, and all the Master cares about is himself. He even betrays his sidekick Alfrid in the end, and even though I have no love for Alfrid it shows that the Master was only using him. He cares for no one but himself. The end.