Monday, February 23, 2015

Middle Earth Meme - Day Nineteen

A location you never want to visit

        Hmm, this is interesting. We always talk about those characters we love and those places we are dying to see, but rarely about the ones we despise. Which may be a good thing sometimes, but the occasional rant is not to be looked down upon. ;) Plus, in a fandom, you can't really avoid it, although I try to be as good-natured as possible. 
        Since most of the scenery I could remember from the films was so delightful, I had to do some web searching to come up with a place I would NEVER want to go. I found it, though: the Southern Alps. This was the setting for the Misty Mountains in Fellowship, and it looks altogether too cold and big for my liking. 

        Now, I wouldn't mind going to see these mountains, in fact I think that might be splendid! From the pictures I saw I believe there are some nice (less snowy) plains around that would be fun to hike, but I wouldn't set foot on these mountains for sure. This will be the death of the hobbits! (meaning me). So although these Southern Alps are certainly breaktaking, I'm okay with observing them from a distance. :)


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  1. Hee! And that's a location I would absolutely love to visit. All that snow -- delicious.