Sunday, February 8, 2015

Middle Earth Meme - Day Eight

Favorite costumes

        This is probably going to turn out to be a comprehensive list of all costumes ever used in all of the movies. I like a lot of them muchly, so bear with me. Please. See, I'm being nice. :) Shall we start with the Hobbit? Yes, we shall.

Thorin (quest outfit) - I absolutely LOVE all the fur and leather and metal on this costume. And I love Thorin so it holds even more sentimental value *sniff*.

Fili and Kili - Yes, I'm putting them together because the pictures are together. I would totally wear these.

Bilbo (good morning) - I've always loved this Springy outfit young Bilbo wears when we first meet him in An Unexpected Journey.

Thranduil (silver and orange) - Need I say more than FABULOUS?

Elrond - Ahhhhhhh *faints*

        Okay, moving on to Lord of the Rings. See, I tried to consolidate it a bit - wasn't too bad, was it?

Legolas - Another 'I would so wear this' costume. It's so woodsy and soft, yet, I don't know, tough? Not really the word I was looking for.

Arwen (chase dress) - Sorry for the lousy picture, but I love the grays of this dress and the embroidery. 

Eowyn (green dress) - This is one I would love to make, but in all honesty, it's far too complicated for me. And, I would never be able to find the right fabric and other stuff and inaccuracuies annoy me to no end. But just look at the velvet! *sighs*

(refugee dress) - I like this one because it's casual and practical. I also love that it can be worn with the shieldmaiden corset or with that lovely fur coat. Yes, I want one.

(shieldmaiden dress) - 'Nuff said.

Aragorn (ranger) - This may look like a bunch of rags and leather, but I love it.

Faramir (ranger) - I like this one because it is the crest of Gondor combined with woodsy green and brown. Yum! And, well, Faramir...

        Okay, I'd better stop now before this post gets too very long. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings!



  1. I love Aragorn's Strider clothing. So very useful and wearable and cool.

  2. Yes to all of it!

    Haha whenever I see Thranduil, I just picture him thinking, "Way too fabulous for any of these peasants." XD