Friday, November 27, 2015

       Hi guys, it's me. Who? Ya know, I'm not even sure anymore. I know it's been a while because this new post template is looking awfully unusual. I've gotten so used to new microsoft word documents for essays and project write-ups over the past few months that I've forgotten what blogging is really like. 
        What can I say, life is different now than it was in the summer. And it just so happens that my new life is not exactly compatible with the blogging world in the way my old life was. Yes, this will be my last post. I said it. I'm sorry.
        I've been working and hunting and fishing and building and climbing trees and watching movies and laughing with dear friends, reading and watching movies and snuggling my Tilly and Eponine and Stockton, writing and dreaming and hoping and crying a little bit, and wasting time on Pinterest. And school, there's always that. My 19 semester units are almost over though, and then I have a three week break before I start 22 in the spring. It's crazy, but it's working out. 
        I'll miss y'all. Hehe, when the Civil War trailer *asdfghjkl* came out I almost decided to post about it, but then I had an essay to write. Although I won't be posting here on my dear little blog, I'll still be on Blogger and looking at all the blogs I follow, which means I'll still be lurking and reading and commenting, but mostly lurking. 'Cause that's just who I am. And I still will most definitely be on Pinterest, as you have probably noticed if you're on and follow me. So yeah, I'm a bit sad, but it's time, and I'm not completely gone. I can't give up my precious yet. ;)
        So long friends - it's been fun.


Friday, July 31, 2015

My Favorite Movie Wardrobes

        Most people in the period drama (or other movie) blogging world have done some sort of a post like this, so as I'm a costume nut as well as a fangirl I thought I'd give it a go. As much as I'd like to share every single glorious dress from each character, I'll limit myself so that this post will take less than two hours to load. You're welcome. ;) Okay, here we go (these are not in any particular order):

Anne Shirley
        Of course. I especially love her dresses in the sequel. They're so elegant, yet pretty simple (for Edwardian times) and serviceable. I would wear most of her outfits.

Vera Brittain

        It seems like all of a sudden, all of my period drama blogging friends watched this movie about a month ago. I confess, I jumped on that bandwagon as well, and loved the movie. Of course, the clothes were especially splendid.

Margaret Hale

        As well as being one of my favorite literary and screen characters, Margaret has some lovely dresses. From the crinoline era, her wardrobe is my favorite.

Molly Gibson

        Molly is another one of my favorite literary/movie characters, and her wardrobe in the movie is a breath of fresh air amidst the outlandish dresses of her stepmother and stepsister. They are simple and elegant (my style :P). I especially like the blue jumper in the top left corner.

Peggy Carter

        Who would have thought that I'd have someone from a superhero movie in here?! :) In The First Avenger, Peggy wears mostly army uniforms, which I really like (they are flattering and feminine and very smart), and we also get to see some lovely dresses of hers in Agent Carter.

Emma Woodhouse (2009)

        This is probably my favorite Regency wardrobe. Emma's clothes are pretty as well as modest, and I would wear most of her dresses. They're a bit bright, but oh so gorgeous!

        That's all for today! What are some of your favorite movie costumes/wardrobes?


Thursday, July 23, 2015


        I've made a lot of plans this summer. I decided what I'm going to study in college. I decided I'm going to build a house on our land within the next couple of years. I decided to sell my alpaca, Sheba, because keeping her isn't profitable unless I can have her grazing all the time. I decided I won't be going to Discipleship Groups this year at church. I decided to add to my book collection books that I got from the library and loved over the past few years. I decided to take a trip to the East Coast in mid-September to play piano in my great-grandma's memorial service (she passed away in June less than a month after she turned 100). And more.
        Some of these things are trivial, some of them will affect the rest of my life, but they all matter to me. And you know, some of them will probably change. I love James 4:13-15 because it means that when things don't go my way I don't have to freak out. Which I used to do, by the way. 

Come no, you who say, "Today or tomorrow will will go into such and such town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit", yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. Instead you ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that."

        So, if the Lord wills, I will get a degree in business. If the Lord wills, I will build a house soon. And if He doesn't will that I should do that, blessed be the Lord! His plans are far superior to mine, and I can take comfort in that.

        My dear friend from Maine stayed with us until we took her to her ballet camp in the city on Sunday. We spent nine days talking, giggling, watching movies, and and playing with the animals. It was wonderful. There are very few people I can talk about everything with, who really understand me and struggle with the same things. She's one of them, and it's so hard having an entire continent between us! She'll be back on weekends, though, before she goes back home on the 9th. I'll get to see her again (and her whole family too - she has three wonderful sisters) when I visit the east coast. (That was to explain my two week absence).
        On August 17, school starts up again. I am taking six classes, although I might petition for overload so I can take one more. It's a 1-unit computer software class required for my major and 20 semester units isn't really that much more than 19. That's going to be crazy as it is. My blog posts might be a bit sparse for a while, but I think I'll survive. Until then, I'll be finishing up my summer to-do list, and sewing. I just bought some fabric for a few new skirts, and I hope to use my treadle sewing machine to sew them!
         I'm sorry I've been neglecting the blogging world, but I really would love to hear what's been going on with y'all!


Monday, July 6, 2015

New Additions! Meet Stockton & Hazel

        Just popping in so you can say hello to my two new babies! My dear friend from Maine is coming for a visit on Thursday so I'm rather bogged down with preparations, but I want to get some posts done before she comes and show off my new lovely friends. When you haven't seen one of your bestest friends in the whole world for a year it's not exactly easy to take a break for blogging. ;)

        Hazel (a French Angora) is the late half of my birthday present. She was too young to take home when I got Quicksilver, but we went to get her today. She's absolutely gorgeous!

        What? Me, silly? Naaaah.

        Stockton is a three month old Nigerian Dwarf. Lord willing, he'll breed Eponine this fall so we can have spring babies and milk (again). I got him a couple weeks ago and he wasn't real well taken care of where he came from. He's pretty undersize so I'm fattening him up. :P Sorry these pictures aren't great. If I get too close to him he thinks I'm coming to snuggle him and jumps in my lap.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tumblr Finds // Avengers Edition

        Even though I don't have a Tumblr account, I spend far too much time on other peoples' blogs looking at fandom stuffs. Here are some of my favorites (Avengers themed). Enjoy!

        Short post, I know, but I don't have time for anything more. We've had a lot of stuff going on here that has been taking up my whole day. I'll be doing a farm update (hopefully) soon when I have a few hours of free time. 


Friday, June 26, 2015


        I have a thing for almost anything old or vintage. Not just because that's just my style (although that's obviously a huge part of it), but because it's terribly fun to think about the people who used those things when they were new and what their lives were like. It's a happy thought that I get to use those same things now. Today I'm going to share with you some of my antiques and vintage items and do a great deal of speculating and fantasizing as well. :) What can I say, I am a bit whimsical. 
        First up, my 1899 copy of Heidi. I found this at a garage sale last year and just had to get it. It's not really REALLY old, but the oldest item I'm going to talk about today. First off, it's a gorgeous book. You know that type that they used to use in all books long ago? The one that just exudes oldness? I love it. Old books are my favorite.

        Now think about it - a little girl gets this book from her mother for her ninth birthday. She spends hours out in the garden poring over the delightful story and studying the lovely pictures. Her younger brother doesn't think much of it, but it is the sweetest story she ever heard. Or perhaps she lived out in the country and didn't have much access to books at all. She treasured it like a jewel, and would steal away to her secret hideaway in the barn to follow Heidi's adventures with Peter in the Swiss Alps.

        I found this metal ice cream scoop at a thrift store the other day and just had to have it. I'm not sure when it is from, but it looks old to me so that's why it's here.

        I'm saying this was from an ice cream parlor in the 50s when girls wore full-skirted dresses and men were just so polite. Like in this picture, which is one of my favorites.

        These are my hand-me down (from an aunt) Gunne Sax dresses from the 70s. Not very old - I suppose they're considered retro and not vintage - but still older than I am! They haven't fit me for several years, but I'm saving them for when I have kids; for dress-up, if nothing else.

          It goes without saying that you just have to picture a whole room full of girls in these dresses at a party. Curls and braids and ribbons and cake, and the brothers of the birthday girl hiding up in their room.

        Okay, this is what inspired me to do this post in the first place. I found a working treadle sewing machine on Craigslist for a reasonable price, and it all worked out so I could get it! Honestly, now that I have used it, I have no idea why anyone would prefer electric. This treadle is smooth and quiet, the stitches are uniform, and it is so easy to use! Also, I now have a good use for my antique piano stool, which matches the sewing machine nicely.

        I'm guessing this machine is from the 40s, which goes right along with my stack of sewing and knitting magazines from around that same era. Just think about it, people were using this during WWII, when there was a limit to how full you could make your skirts so as to reserve fabric for army uniforms! Maybe I'll have to sew a nice 40s dress soon. :)

        That's all for now, although I have a lot more vintage stuffs. How about you? Do you like old things? What sorts?


Friday, June 12, 2015

Bookshelf Tag

        This lovely tag was floating around a few weeks back, and I got a nice surprise when dear Aspen tagged me for it a couple days ago. Hooray! Another opportunity to do a tag without stealing it! (Yes, I know it's the second tag-y post this week, but I'm getting ready to leave for seven days on Monday so I'm at a loss for time.)

(Yes, I made that picture because this tag was up until this point without one.)

Describe your bookshelf (or wherever it is you keep your books - it doesn't have to be a shelf) and where you got it from: Well, I have a small-ish bookshelf that I've had as long as I can remember (it's the one in the above picture), and then a much larger one that I made a couple summers back. You can see that one here, although I have since re-arranged some of the books on it. They are both painted white and the big one has no back, which is very handy for cleaning.

Do you have any special or different ways of organizing your books? More or less. I start out with an idea of how I want to organize them, but the shelves aren't completely suited to the exact number of each type of book so it doesn't end up being perfect.

What's the thickest (most amount of pages) book on your shelf? Complete and unabridged Shakespeare.

What's the thinnest (least amount of pages) book on your shelf? A book about the history of the town I live in published by the Historical Society.

Is there a book you received as a birthday gift? Yes, the huge bird book published by National Geographic. It's my favorite bird book to date, and has the most amazing pictures.

What's the smallest (height and width-wise) book on your shelf? Blue Book of Birds. It's about two inches tall and four inches long.

What's the biggest (height and width-wise) book on your shelf? The Standard Dictionary of Facts from 1943. This book has everything you would ever need to know. If you can ever find one, no matter the publication date, get it. I read this for fun.

Is there a book from a friend on your shelf? Yes, Zalena by my friend J.T. Wolf. He gave a signed copy to me recently and my name is even in the acknowledgements!

Most expensive book? Probably my Barnes and Noble Classics, the books that are labeled as 'fancy-looking' in the picture. I used to buy those with gift cards I got for my birthday and Christmas, and I think some of those were $20.

The last book you read on your shelf? Zalena.

Of all the books on your shelf, which was the first you read? The Little House books? Charlotte's Web? The Secret of Nimh? I have no clue.

Do you have more than one copy of a book? Yes, LOTR.

Do you have the complete series of any book series? I have all of the Redwall books but one that I was having trouble ordering on Amazon, but I'm not sure I have all of another series. I don't read that many books in series.

What's the newest addition to your shelf? Zalena.

What book has been on your shelf FOREVER? The Little House books.

What's the most recently published book on your shelf? Zalena (again).

The oldest book on your shelf (as in, the actual copy is old)? I have an 1899 copy of Heidi.

A book you won? I don't think I have won any books.

A book you'd hate to let out of your sight (aka a book you never let someone borrow)? My hardcover LOTR books. I let people borrow my paperbacks. Also all of my century-old books because you have to always handle those with a lot of care so they don't fall apart.

Most beat up book? The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. It's falling apart.

Most pristine book? I tend to take very good care of my books, so most of the ones I got new still look new.

A book from your childhood? I'm not going to do this because it would be most of my books and that would take too long.

A book that's not actually your book? The Complete Survival Manual. I 'borrowed' it from my grandma maybe five years ago and haven't given it back.

A book with a special/different cover (e.g. leather bound, soft fuzzy cover etc.)? Well, I have a lot of leather-bound books, but I don't think I have anything else interesting.

A book that is your favorite color? Well, I don't really have a favorite color, so I'm not sure how to answer this question. I love books that are the natural color of leather.

Book that's been on your shelf the longest that you STILL haven't read? A couple of Agatha Christie mysteries that I got at a book sale for cheap and haven't gotten around to reading.

Any signed books? Zalena (I think this is the last time :P).

        Thank you so much, Aspen! And since most of the people I know have already done this or I've nominated them for tags recently, I'm not going to nominate anyone in particular. If you are reading this and want to do it, feel free! Leav your answers is a comment or do a blog post and tell me the link!


Here are the questions:
Describe your bookshelf (or wherever it is you keep your books - it doesn't have to be a shelf) and where you got it from:

Do you have any special or different ways of organizing your books?

What's the thickest (most amount of pages) book on your shelf?

What's the thinnest (least amount of pages) book on your shelf?

Is there a book you received as a birthday gift?

What's the smallest (height and width-wise) book on your shelf?

What's the biggest (height and width-wise) book on your shelf?

Is there a book from a friend on your shelf?

Most expensive book?

The last book you read on your shelf?

Of all the books on your shelf, which was the first you read?

Do you have more than one copy of a book?  

Do you have the complete series of any book series? 

What's the newest addition to your shelf? 

What book has been on your shelf FOREVER? 

What's the most recently published book on your shelf? 

The oldest book on your shelf (as in, the actual copy is old)?

A book you won?  

A book you'd hate to let out of your sight (aka a book you never let someone borrow)?

Most beat up book? 

Most pristine book? 

A book from your childhood? 

A book that's not actually your book?

A book with a special/different cover (e.g. leather bound, soft fuzzy cover etc.)?

A book that is your favorite color? 

Book that's been on your shelf the longest that you STILL haven't read?

Any signed books? 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sisterhood Award

        I've been awarded by dear Emma of A Lantern In Her Hand for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! See now why I shortened the post title?! ;)


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions sent to you.
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate ten blogs.
        Alrighty, here are my answers to Emma's wonderful questions:

Do you like country fairs? Yes, I do! I haven't had the chance to go to very many, but I thoroughly enjoy them, especially looking at all the animals and hand-made goods.

Were you ever in some sort of club as a kid? Well, I was in a club with my cousin (we called it the JAM Club), and I think that's it. Nothing fancy, but everything fun.

What's one of the first movies you remember seeing? Probably The Sound Of Music. That was the movie I had seen the most times in my life until LOTR came along.

Which would you rather do: hop in your old pickup truck and go for an unexpected adventure, or sit on the back porch with a good novel on a warm summer evening? These both sound splendid, so it would depend on what kind of mood I was in. The pickup truck adventure is probably more likely, but if I'm tired after a long day of putting in fences or delivering goat babies then sitting on the porch with a book would be my choice.

Do you enjoy live concerts? No, but I've only ever been to one and it was crazy and too loud. I'm sure there are live concerts I would really enjoy. 

Which do you read more of: historical fiction or contemporary fiction? Historical fiction all of the way!

Do you like country music? Short answer: yes. Long answer: I don't listen to it very often because I don't have an iPod or a phone that plays music so I just listen to CDs that I buy. The only time I listen to country music is with other people because I am not educated in that genre so don't know what to buy/look for for myself. Whenever I get to listen to country music, though, I absolutely love it! It's probably my favorite kind of music next to my movie soundtracks.

If you could play any role in a musical, who would you choose? Oh, this is hard. It's between Eponine, Meg Giry, and Emma (from Jekyll and Hyde).

Do you ever put your feet up on the dashboard when riding in the car? Well, my dad doesn't like me to do it while the car is going (he's paranoid about the airbag not working if we happen to crash), but if ever I'm waiting in the car for someone else I sit with my feet on the dash.

Can you tell us a funny story of something that happened to you in the last week/month/ever? Hmm... There are lots of funny things that happen to me, but now that you put me on the spot I can't think of any. Can I tell about some funny things I did to other people? Okay good. 1. When my brother was unhooking the trailer from the truck in the evening, I climbed over the wheel and into the bed and then crept along until I was at the tailgate and when he stood up I shouted BOO at him and he fell over. 2. We were at a park the other day and my mom was washing her hands outside the restroom. She asked me if this little knob on the wall was soap and I said yes and she pushed it and it was this really loud hand-dryer thingy that scared her. :) 
         See, I like scaring people. Muahahahahaha...

       I think those were the most entertaining questions I've answered for a tag in a while! Thank you so much, Emma! I hope mine are almost as good. :)

Questions for my nominees:

  1. Do you prefer hot tea or iced tea (or are you not a fan of tea in general)?
  2. What are your thoughts on fanfiction?
  3. Do you play any musical instruments? If so, what is your favorite kind of music to play?
  4. Have you seen any movies in theaters this year or plan to see one/some others?
  5. What types of poetry do you enjoy, if any?
  6. Have you ever thrown your mashed potatoes up against the wall?*
  7. Do you like watching costume dramas?
  8. Would you rather live in the city or the country?
  9. What is one of the hardest things you have ever done? This can be physically, mentally, emotionally, all of those, etc.
  10. Do you own a pocketknife? If so, how often do you have it with you?
        I don't have ten nominees because I don't know that many people who haven't already been nominated. So, here are my few:

        I hope y'all enjoy it! Although if you can't do it that's all right too; I know there have been a lot of tags going around lately. :)


*Veggie Tales reference, obviously. I only ask because my brother and I have, in fact, done this. I took a scoop in my spoon and put the round part on the table with the handle sticking off, then hit the handle part so that it launched the mashed potatoes across the room (and yes, up against the wall).

Friday, June 5, 2015

My Favorite Videos // #2

        Time for another video post! I am going to do a lovely tag soon but as I don't have time right now I'll share another video with y'all. This one is from Blimey Cow, which many of you have probably heard of/seen.

        I love this one because it's so terribly accurate. ANTIBIOTICS!!!!! And the autobiography. This, friends, is why I haven't been to the doctor in four years. Even for years before that, I only went for broken bones.


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Things I Liked About Age Of Ultron

        I love this movie so much. I saw it once when it came out on my birthday, and again on Thursday evening. It was the first time I saw a movie the day it premiered, and the first time I saw a movie more than once in theaters. Also the first time I saw a Marvel movie in theaters. It was pretty special, and the fact that it was so wonderful made it even more so. 

        I'm not going to do a full review because I don't have time right now - rather I'm just going to talk about several things that I really liked. That's the best part, anyway. Let the fangirling commence. Oh, and spoilers ahead.
        The movie starts out with the Avengers attacking a Hydra with the intention of retrieving Loki's scepter. Usually I don't really like when movies start out with a big fight scene, but the way they did this one made it seem more like they were just catching us up on that the Avengers were still a team after all this time. A big plus is that it's a really cool fight scene as well. There's Cap on a motorcycle (and hurling it into a Hydra jeep when he has no further need for it :P), Hawkeye with his new suit and bow and arrows, Natasha's amazing Black Widow skills, and everyone else being over all very awesome as well. It was definitely a 'welcome back' moment. 

        Next come the twins. I love them so much. Precious babies. As well as being really cool superheroes, their characters were great as well. I loved how Pietro totally took on the big brother role (even though he's only twelve minutes older), and their relationship was absolutely adorable. I also really liked how it was made clear that they had good intentions throughout the film, even when they were still working for Hydra and Ultron. Right away when Wanda looked into the Vision's mind and saw Ultron's true intentions, she left. They were trying to do the right thing all along.

        Pietro is a darling. He's so wonderful. He's funny - his sass is to die for. His accent is also adorable. And he loves his sister an awful lot. And I'm sorry, but...

        About Wanda. I know a lot of people are upset that she wasn't completely tough and don't-need-no-man. I personally find it weird that it's perfectly acceptable to have weak and wimpy male characters, but as soon as a weak female character appears people take it as an attack on women. Not at all to say that Wanda is a weak character - I don't agree with people who think that. And I thought that her vulnerability and fear, and then her finding her courage and joining the Avengers in the final battle was great. And THIS.

        Which brings me to my favorite thing in this movie. Clint's family and his amazing ranch are my favorite. My FAVORITE, get it? Since I saw the movie the second time, I noticed even more details, and fangirled even more. Like did you see the straw bale archery target in the barn?!?! I died of fangirling. I was paying super close attention to those parts because I'm writing fanfiction and needed extra information, and even after I'm done I know I will watch that part over and over once I get the DVD. Laura is such an amazing wife. I love how she payed so much attention to everything that went on between the rest of the team and was encouraging and supportive of Clint's avenging. They were just all around adorable together. And I kind of flapped my hands and squealed when she said, "I can feel the difference" because that's just so perfect.I'm just going to put a bunch of pictures here for you to fangirl with me over.
        I thought the caption on Pinterest for this one was perfect: This moment though. I was worried Natasha didn't know about Clint's family, but of course she did. There was no animosity between Laura and Nat, and that just proves how perfect platonic Clintasha is. 

        The kids were beyond cute as well. It was so precious when Lila drew the picture for her 'Auntie Nat', and when Thor stepped on the lego and then kicked it under the couch I giggled. Out loud.I regret nothing.
        The last thing I think I'll mention is Vision. Because THE THING.

         He was such an unusual character and I'm glad we'll get to see more of him (I'm guessing that's guaranteed because of the mindstone). It was interesting how his uncorrupted artificial intelligence was contrasted with Ultron's derranged ideas to show humans as they really are. Of course, there was no Christian worldview involved, but the movie emphasized man's complete and utter inability to save himself, yet the value of life was, at the same time, stressed. AND VISION HAD SASS TOO!!!

        Okay, I know I said that would be the last thing, but I was looking through my pictures and found this and I just have to put it here. So many feels.

         Oops, there's more I have to say. Just some lines that I loved. :)

Please be a secret door, please be a secret door... Yay! - Tony Stark

My appointments are too hectic, unfortunately. (pauses) Will Thor be there? - Helen Cho

I'm glad you asked, because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan. - Ultron

Well, you amazingly failed. - Natasha

You did not see that coming? - Pietro

        That's all I can think of for now, and I want to get this published. Comment and tell me what you thought of Age of Ultron!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag

        Heidi from Along The Brandywine tagged me a few days ago for the 10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag, and I'm so excited to do this! (Also slightly concerned about figuring out my favorites, but I'll figure it out.) 
        I know several of you have tagged me for various things in the past month or so, and I am honored and will finish the drafts up and post them as soon as possible - I just needed something quick to throw together and post. That's why this one is taking priority. Now don't throw anything at me, but I'll admit that even before I was tagged for this I planned on doing it anyway, just because it looked so fun! It is quite handy that I don't have to steal it now, though. :) Here goes (these aren't in any particular order of importance because that would have taken way to long and probably would have made my head explode):

Molly Gibson (Wives and Daughters)

        Molly is probably the screen character that I identify most with (although I'm not nearly as wonderful as she is). She's the good girl of the story; quiet yet friendly, intelligent, kind, and willing to do anything for those she loves.

Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

        I never thought I could like Bilbo Baggins this much. Martin Freeman (who I'm convinced is a hobbit himself) portrayed this character perfectly, and his facial expressions are to die for. Bilbo is a home-body, yet he ends up enjoying his adventure and becoming a better person - err, hobbit - from it. He's funny and beyond cute, yet isn't wimpy at all. He has brains and courage, and I love his part in the story.

Steve Rogers (Captain America 1 & 2, The Avengers 1 & 2)

         Because obvious reasons. He has manners. He has morals. He wears smart 40s army uniforms. He believes there's only one God, Ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that.

Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables & Sequel)

        Oh, Gilbert. He's an adorable tease, a loyal and caring friend, and knows when Anne needs to be pulled down out of the clouds for a reality check. And he doesn't give up. 

Ivy Walker (The Village)

        I know many of you probably haven't seen this movie, but it's really good (and it's on YouTube). For those of you that don't know, Ivy is blind, yet she has great intuition, wisdom, and courage in spite of her disability. I don't want to give too much away - it's a movie that's best unspoiled - but when someone she loves is in danger, she doesn't hesitate to risk everything to save them.

Mr. Knightley (Emma 2009)

        Another one of those characters that's just good. I love his and Emma’s relationship all throughout the movie – how he loves her so much yet doesn’t pamper her and gives her a good scolding when she needs it.:)

Miss Matty Jenkins (Cranford & Return to Cranford)

        Miss Matty is one one cute old lady. Amidst the bustle and gossip of Cranford, she is quick to forgive and benevolent to those who need help. My cow is named after her (and after he servant's baby who is named after her :P).

William Buxton (Return to Cranford)

        Yeah... This was the first movie I saw Tom Hiddleston in, and the one I like him best in. William Buxton has had everything he wants all his life, yet he isn't spoiled by it. When his father forbids him (for selfish reasons) from marrying the girl he loves, he give up his comfortable living and finds work elsewhere. He's not above getting his hands dirty, yet that doesn't roughen his manners or his morals. He has such a sweet romance with little Peggy Bell, and treats her like a real lady. Also, CURLS.

Minnie Mude (Lark Rise to Candleford)

        Minnie is the funniest character on this show. She isn't in Season 1, and I don't watch those episodes nearly as much as the others for that reason. Minnie is the maid at the post office, taken in by Dorcas Lane for reasons later revealed (I won't say anything for those who haven't seen it), and is probably the worst person for the job. She's clumsy and has her head in the clouds most of the time, isn't very tactful, nor the brightest girl out there, yet she has a kind heart and her escapades make for some good laughs. (Also, Alfie!)

Clint Barton (The Avengers 1 & 2)

        I couldn't not put Clint on here. Because his family and his farm and he's just the most perfectest superhero ever. The end. I won't go on and on, but if you do want to hear my ravings on this topic read THIS.

        Okay, that's it! I managed to do this all in one sitting without too many interruptions, which is a plus (and the reason this is getting posted now). Most of the people whom I would have tagged have already done this, so I'm just going to leave it open to anyone who wants to do it! Comment with your thoughts or let me know if you do a post of your own!