Monday, February 16, 2015

Middle Earth Meme - Day Fifteen

Favorite moment/line in An Unexpected Journey

        I'm only one day behind, y'all! This past weekend was super busy, but I was able to get a few of these posts done last night so I'm catching up. Some say An Unexpected Journey is slow - even boring. Yes, the first half is a bit slow if you just want action, but I love it. It's so peaceful in the Shire, yet there is still a strong sense of peril and danger. I think it's a very fitting beginning to the beginning of a new epic. Since I already talked about the Shire part in Fellowship, though, I'm not going to talk about that now.
        I'm going to talk about Rivendell instead. I've always loved Elrond. He's such a wonderful character; so kind and caring, yet wise and discerning as well. Dare I even say I like him better in the Hobbit than in the original trilogy? Yes, I think I do. My favorite part is when Bilbo and Elrond are talking on the balcony after Bilbo slips away from the dwarves.

        I love how Bilbo blurts out that he has heard "Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both yes and no", and then gets really nervous when Elrond looks so stern before he smiles. :) And then he tells Bilbo that he is always welcome back in Rivendell if he pleases. We get to see a very soft side of Elrond in this movie, and it is definitely one of my favorite parts.
        Also, just being back in Rivendell is so magical. It is just as gorgeous - just as peaceful and serene - as it always was. Even if Thorin didn't like it very well, I sure did!



  1. I love Elrond, too:D

    When he and Saruman come to Galadriel's aid in Dol Guldur in TBOTFA (personal views on the accuracy and appropriateness of that scene aside), I love it when he's holding Galadriel:) Though I DO NOT SHIP THEM. At all. Galadriel belongs with Celeborn, forever and ever. Anywho, that rambled a bit, but yes, I love Elrond too. AT ARAGORN'S CORONATION, THOUGH. HIS FACE. I love it!

  2. This may be my favorite moment as well -- I'm still deciding, but it's probably going to win. Such a quiet moment, and it makes so many other things make sense, like Bilbo deciding to go back to Rivendell later in AUJ, and heading there when he leaves the Shire in FOTR.

  3. I HATE elves. I'm sorry to all the elf lovers out there,but like for example,Legolas is just to "Superhero" in the Hobbit D.O.S. and T.B.O.T.F.A. as well as all the other elves. But Elrond is I must say I do like him.His character is kind and caring (unlike some names will be mentioned.) He is the only elf that I like in all of the L.O.T.R. and the HOBBIT'S
    ~ Carolina.