Sunday, September 28, 2014

To Catch A Fish So Juicy Sweeeeeeeeeet!

The rocks and pool
Is nice and cool
So juicy sweet

Our only wish
To catch a fish
So juicy sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

       Sorry, I couldn't help myself. My brother recently discovered a new fishing place near our house - one of the only ones that doesn't have contaminated water. This is good for two reasons, one, we can actually eat the fish we catch (yay!), and two, it is even within biking distance. We went there for the first time a few days ago, and although we only stayed fir an hour, we scouted out all of the best places to fish from, and I landed a bass. A pretty small one, only about 1 1/2 pounds, but still good. We also saw bigger ones jumping out near the center.

        Above you see the bass that I caught. :) I caught it on a topwater frog that my brother had salvaged from his favorite lure collecting spot. Now I don't know all the specifics on this jackpot, but apparently he found a place where everyone's lures and such get stuck in the trees, so he climbs up and untangles them with a special pole and gets free lures. I've never been there - but it sounds great to me! He said he didn't think that this frog would catch anything because of its unusual coloring (I gave him a hard time after about his motives for putting it on my pole), but it did! He was using a frog too, but either the fish didn't like his frog, or his way of pulling it across the water *laughs*.

        So anyhooz... I'm looking forward to going back there and fishing some more when I get the chance. We've been doing a lot lately at a pond (man made) out near our church; we go early and get some fishing done before it starts. Who cares if I smell like fish anyway? I certainly don't, but I'm not sure about everyone else. ;) We catch bluegill just for fun, to release or to take home live and put in my mom's pond, and catfish for our neighbor to eat. My brother fillets them and takes them down to him when we have a lot.
        Last week, I had my first experience butchering something other than birds (or fish, if that counts as butchering). I had been wanting to learn how to do mammals for a while - I figured it would be a good skill to have, and handy for when I want to go deer hunting. There is a family we know from church who has both meat rabbits and chickens, and I finally worked up the nerve to ask the dad if he would teach me how. Actually, that is a lie. I just kept awkwardly following him around trying to get up the nerve to ask him until someone else just finally told him there was something I needed to ask him. So there. He had been really busy - he is a fireman and a professional beekeeper - so it took a while to sort out a good time, but we finally did. It was a great experience, let me tell you! And, dare I say, fun? Don't hate me for enjoying the rabbit slaughtering; they were raised for food, not as pets.
        And that has been my week! Along with school and goats, my schedule has been packed! I drew up the plans for a new milking stand the other day, and am going to be building it this week hopefully (stay tuned for pictures!). On top of that, we are trying to get rid of some goat lice that came home with a bad bale of straw, which is not fun. If you've ever dealt with anything of the sort I am sure you know that. I'm sorry there haven't been very many posts lately, but I'll try to keep it at about six posts a month or somewhere around there. So long!


P.S. Thank y'all for voting on the poll for my new blog look! I'm glad you liked it as much as I did!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Tolkien Blog Party of Special Magnificence - Tag

        This week, Hamlette is hosting a Tolkien blog party over at The Edge of the Precipice! Of course, being a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and all of his works, I just had to join. There's a fabulous tag, and also a giveaway with loads of splendiferous goodies! So please head over there, enter the giveaway, and and maybe even join the party!

        So without further ado, here is the tag!

1.  Who introduced you to Tolkien's stories? Probably my mom. I read the Hobbit at a pretty young age and she most likely was the one who gave it to me to read.

2.  How old were you when you first ventured into Middle Earth?
I remember being obsessed with the songs and the runes and the riddles when I first read the Hobbit; loving the story and it's whimsical writing style even though I was so young. I was, although I can't remember exactly, probably about seven or eight?
3.  Did you read the books first, or see movie versions first?
Books first! I didn't see the movies until I was eleven or twelve, and at first I didn't like them one bit. My mom put the first one on when I was sick one time, and I was really lost... I don't know if it was because I was sick, but I never finished the first movie, nor watched the others that time. About a year later, my younger brother read the books and wanted to watch the movies - I watched the movies and LOVED them. Don't know what was wrong with me the first time. :/ I have been, for the past couple years now, completely obsessed. I read the books a million times over again, including the Silmarillion and the Book of Lost Tales, and still watch the movies a ton. In 2013, I watched all three LOTR movies through five times.

4.  A dragon or a balrog -- which would you rather fight?
Eek! Neither? Oh, that doesn't count? I'd probably rather fight a dragon if it came down to it, but the fight wouldn't last long. I'd be toast. 

5.  Who are three of your favorite characters?  (Feel free to elaborate on why.)
Well, I love Bilbo. Who doesn't? He's a home body, but also, once he tries it out, loves to go on adventures. "I want to see mountains, Gandalf, mountains!" He has good taste in food, clothing, and, er, hobbit holes. :) I love Sam in LOTR as well, and also Eowyn in the books. Sam because he's just Sam, and Eowyn because she's a strong yet not feministic character and I love her and Faramir's relationship *sigh*.
6.  Have you ever dressed up like a Tolkien character?
Not specifically like a certain character, but more days than not I go for an elvish, or dwarvish, or hobbitish look.

7.  If someone asks you to go on adventure, how do you respond?
Depends on what kind of adventure. But most likely, YES!

8.  Have you read any of the "history of Middle Earth" books?
I have read the Book of Lost Tales, both parts, and want to read more!

9.  Would you rather drink a bowl of Ent Draught or a glass of Old Winyards?
I've never had wine, although I'd like to think that someday I'll like it, but now I'd have to go with Ent Draught. I'm not sure I would like its effects, though.

10.  List up to ten of your favorite lines/quotes from the books or movies.

        And that's that! Again, please go check out the other cool stuff going on at The Edge of the Precipice (the link is at the top of the page). Thank you Hamlette for hosting this splendid party!


Saturday, September 13, 2014


Feeling - Sick. I had a sore throat all yesterday, and today I am super congested and have a fever. Going to work and walking around for almost seven hours probably didn't help much, but they were already short an employee so I just didn't tell anyone I felt like I was dying. My head literally felt (and still feels like) it's going to explode. Apparently I fell asleep on my break at work, though; My friend said she tried to wake me up but couldn't. So I had a little five minute nap and didn't even know it! Since I got home four hours ago, I've just been piddling around feeling miserable. I tried to watch a movie but our DVD player wouldn't cooperate, so I've been guzzling yarrow tea and walking around the house trying to forget how lousy I feel. It's not working.

Reading - Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I read it last year and really liked it, despite my initial doubts. Also, Our Mutual Friend by Dickens and The First World War by Martin Gilbert for school, as I said a couple posts back.

Watching - Baseball (I am actually doing this *right* now). Because of where we live, it's kind of a choice between the Oakland A's and the SF Giants. I'm supposed to root for the A's 'cause my dad says so, but I don't really have a favorite between the two teams. I must admit, though, I do enjoy watching the Giants more because there are a few players that I really like. One, Joe Panik, is a rookie as of this year - he just came up from the minor leagues in July. I initially liked him because I felt sorry for him; he looked so small and scared sitting in the dugout. I think he resembles Buster Posey in appearance, and he seems to have adopted a lot of Posey's mannerisms, actually, so I call him 'Little Buster'. He's my favorite. :) Since he came up to the majors, he has become an amazing player, and has the highest batting average on the team! He has had two 4 for 4 games, and one 5 for 5, which is really good. I always make sure I watch him when he's up - I like his batting stance and everything. And, he's pretty cute. :)

Looking forward to - Eponine having her babies! Yes, I know it's still a while away, but she's already started developing an udder and I'm getting excited! Not to say that I wasn't before, but it's actually happening now!!! Goatlings are on the way!

Listening to - Lots of movie soundtracks, including The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean, and HTTYD 2. Also, Les Mis and Phantom as usual. :)

Practicing - A Pirates of the Caribbean medley on piano. The original is in the video below, although, I can't play it nearly as well as the composer. Go figure. It's still a work in progress, for the November piano recital.

        I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life resulting from my restlessness this evening. Being on the computer is pretty much the only thing right now that I can handle, as all my muscles are sore from the fever and I can hardly think. One good thing is that I've received 100% positive feedback on my new blog look so far! Please vote on the poll in the sidebar and tell me if YOU like it!


Friday, September 12, 2014

New Look!

        As I said in my last post, this blog was in dire need of a makeover. It's looked pretty much the same ever since I started it last year, and I knew it was about time for a change. I played around and made a few headers, but none of them really went with my background, or any that I could find easily. So when I had a few free hours, I sat down and determined to find something that worked. And here it is! It wasn't easy - I'll spare you the details - but I think it was worth it! What I think, though, is not everything. Now I want your input. I'm putting a poll in my sidebar; please let me know your opinion! Do you like the new look? Or do you think I should try again? Or perhaps you liked the old look better? (If you have any ideas for further improvement please comment as well). I'm not exactly proficient at this technology stuff, so I need all the help you can give me!
        Aaaaaaand this very short post will come to an abrupt end.


Monday, September 8, 2014

School, Goats, and Other Busy-ness

        Yes, I am aware that busy-ness is not a word. Well, it is now - it wasn't before. Writing 'business' just looked like I meant company or something of the sort, when I wanted to convey that I have been, well, BUSY! Very busy, to be exact. You may have noticed the lack of posts on this little blog of mine, and it's not because I'm lazy. Well, maybe a little. ;) 
        School has been picking up, and I have two exams next week. I'm taking two college classes and five at home, so I don't exactly have a whole lot of free time. (In case you were wondering, its Calculus w/Analytic Geometry, and Child Development and Psychology at a community college, and then French, Music, WWI History, Herbal Medicine, and Charles Dickens Literature study at home). Now don;t get me wrong, I love to learn. And I'd rather be stuck in school now than be stuck in school later; that's why I'm starting college early. So I'm not complaining, just explaining. Just kidding, that's only half true. I do need to complain every now and then. All my classes are interesting, which is nice. Although the Child Development and Psychology does have a certain amount of nonsense, I've found I really like it, and my teacher is great. She is completely open to any comments or questions, so I can add my thoughts on 'the father of psychology'. That's Freud. He's pretty funny, I must say. I laugh to myself about how stupid some of his theories are. There are some psychologists whose theories I like and agree with, however, their not all absurd. For instance, I like Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and most aspects of Lev Vygostky's Social Learning Theory. The Calculus is, well, Calculus.I took it at home already so it's pretty easy, but it is a LOT of work nonetheless. For the subjects I have at home, it's a lot of reading, which is a blast. Right now, I'm reading Our Mutual Friend, Gray's Anatomy, Medical Herbalism, and Sir Martin Gilbert's The First World War. Fun! That wasn't sarcasm - I was serious. 
        I sold Thorin yesterday. I knew when I bought him that I most likely would not be able to keep a smelly buck on our tiny property, so I always had in the back of my mind that I would probably have to get rid of him at some point. A few weeks ago, I realized that if I didn't sell him now (at the beginning of breeding season), I would probably have to keep him for another year, and after thinking it over, I decided that was not a good idea. We are going to have two sets of baby goats in a couple months, and since we need to keep a pretty low profile here, and Thorin would have to be kept completely separate from everyone else, I didn't think that was possible. And as I'm going to be taking five classes at the community college next semester, I didn't think that I would be able to keep my sanity. It was already kind of trying this semester. Thorin was the best buck in the world. He was sweet, snuggly, was not obnoxious, and tethered well. The thing was, he was not easy-going. Eponine is so laid back, so she is very easy to keep content. Thorin constantly needed attention and company and yes, he was starting to smell pretty bad. In close quarters such as we have here, that doesn't work so well. Also, I missed having Eponine all to myself. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't sit down and snuggle her without being bowled over by a smelly buck who may or may not have just peed all over himself. So yes, he was such a good little guy, but it was time for him to move on. I posted him on Craigslist, and ended up selling him yesterday. He is worth over $300, but I sold him for a bit less, as I wanted to make sure he did sell. I wasn't to sorry to see him go, although I think that's because I don't want to let myself. It is strange not having him as part of my routine and chores, though.

He IS a cutie!

        Aside from school and goatses, I haven't been doing a whole lot. I have been knitting quite a bit, however. I am working on two shawls out of a merino/silk/alpaca blend, one for me and one for a dear friend for Christmas, as well as a shawl as a sample for the local yarn store. They told me they wanted me to do this one a while ago, and I jumped on the opportunity. Why? Because it is with Art Yarns beaded silks and cashmere! The yarn for this project - it came in a kit - is usually priced at over $75, and it is a delight to work with. That's what I like about doing samples, I get to play with fancy yarn I could never afford, and then I get to pick out a couple skeins at the shop to take home for myself! I'll be sure to post pictures when they're done.
        Yesterday my boss took all of his workers to Six Flags. It was my second time this summer, after several years of not going. I went on the big coaster there fro the first time, and laughed the whole time at the frightened screams of everyone around me. I don't get what's so fun about screaming. I thoroughly enjoy myself with a huge grin on my face. My silence earned me the title of 'Roller Coaster Zen Master', though. :)

        I'm thinking about giving my blog a makeover. Haven't decided for sure, but I think it's time for a new look. Any ideas? I don't really have many myself, to be honest.
        Please bear with me as my posts will most likely be somewhat sparse. I also have a couple of story ideas rolling around in my head and may be writing more on those than on my blog. You gotta do what you gotta do. My writerly friends will understand. ;)


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There's A New Blog On The Block!

        Anne-girl of Scribblings of My Pen and Tappings of My Keyboard has just launched a new writing blog! Half Baked is a blog designed to help writers write the middle of their stories, often the most difficult part. 
        Right now, as a celebration, she's hosting a giveaway, made a special tag, and is even accepting ideas for future posts! Please pop in and give her a holler - enter the giveaway, complete the tag, or request a blog post! Personally, I am beyond excited for all of the good things that I am sure will come from this blog. Anne-girl is the most UH-MAZING writer, and if you are interested in writing better, or even just starting, I would highly recommend following both of her blogs. They're as awesome as they get!