Thursday, February 5, 2015

Middle Earth Meme - Day Five

Favorite soundtrack

        This is a very hard decision. I feel like if I choose one then I will neglect to say how much I love certain songs on the others, and it won't really be true. I have been planning to do a complete review of all of these in one post, though, so read this and then wait for the whole story when I get around to posting that. Savvy?
        SO, although I have many favorite songs on the other soundtracks that will be mentioned in said upcoming post, I'm going with the Return of the King music. These songs are the reason why:

  • Hope and Memory
  • The Edge of Night
  • Twilight and Shadow
  • The Grey Havens
  • Into the West
        Yes, although I did not like Into The West one bit when I first listened to it, it's been growing on me. It was a very fitting ending song for a trilogy - remember, they all assumed that was the last journey to Middle Earth - and has SO MANY FEELS. Try thinking about Fili and Kili dying while you listen to that song; I guarantee you'll be crying. 

        I feel like I've left out so much important stuff, but I don't have time to do the full review post right now so it'll have to wait. 23 days to go!



  1. You didn't like "Into the West" the first time you heard it? Huh, that's interesting! I'm glad it's grown on you, though:D


  2. I think I like "Into the West" best of all the LOTR songs, and have since I first heard it. It's so powerful and yet ethereal.