Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pigeon Coop Construction

        The pigeon coop was the first thing we built on our little homestead. The first thing ever. Needless to say, it wasn't very good, but it allowed us to keep my pigeon Allegro which allowed us to get chickens which allowed us to get our neighbor a goat which allowed me to get my own goat. The whole process took almost three years but it was worth it *smile*. It has kind of been falling apart - we didn't really know what we were doing when we built it, so it was time for a new one. The shelf/roost had fallen off, the door and the roof were sagging, and it was close to just coming apart. It looked fine when not under close examination, but wasn't.

        About a week ago, my mom brought home two huge spools, the kind that they wind thick twine and rope off of at Home Depot, to attempt to make a coop inspired by one she saw on Pinterest. I saw the same one and it is actually on my chicken coop board now. :)

          In progress:

        The spools are set on top of each other, with select slats taken off of each. There is a hole and a ladder for the pigeons to come between the levels, and a roost in the top portion. I'm guessing that's where they'll sleep in fair weather. Because it needed to have rounded pieces of wood and we're not pros at this whole jigsaw thing yet, it doesn't fit perfectly. 
        The top and bottom are actually two separate pieces, so cleaning it out will be a bit easier. The spools themselves aren't terribly heavy, but they are just super bulky. I can only barely reach the top of the coop with my hand, when it's on the legs.
        We put the pigeons temporarily in the top of the rabbit hutch while we were tearing down the old coop and finishing the new one. Why not just leave them in until the new coop is ready, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. We had to use the redwood roofing from the old coop for the top of the new one, so it wouldn't have had any roof. They won't fly off - I let them out for exercise frequently - but we have a problem with hawks. My white wedding dove is especially conspicuous. Allegro, who is quite a little character, was very distraught when he saw us tearing down his house. He watched in horror as I ripped it apart board by board with the help of my handy drill, a.k.a. the ray-gun. Wouldn't you be too? Poor guy!

This little machine is my friend, as much as I like using a screw-driver.

        'Legro is actually adjusting well - my little white wedding dove is very easy going and adaptable, so that eases the change for him. I think they like their new house!

        Here you can see how the legs are attached; they kind of set in under the lower spool:

        The top, with recycled redwood boards:

You have NO idea the kind of gymnastics I had to do to get this picture! :)
        This is the bottom part, which is mostly enclosed.

         Happy pigeons? I think so!



  1. Oh, what a good job y'all did! How excellent! I too have seen that pin on Pinterest and thought it an excellent idea of inspiration. Your pigeon and dove (s) are just lovely and look SO happy in their new digs!

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

  2. Your coops look so pretty great space savers I must say :)

  3. Thanks all for the compliments! I must say, my mom did most of the design and I only helped her with the building. ;) And yes, it is very space-efficient (is that even a word?). Perfect for our little yard!