Sunday, February 15, 2015

Middle Earth Meme - Days 13 and 14

Favorite battle

Lord of the Rings character you understand the least

        I covered the whole 'favorite battle' thing when I talked about Helm's Deep here, so I'm going to go ahead and skip on up to day 14. I've been really busy and fell behind a little bit, but I'm pretty sure I'll still be able to finish on time. :)
         The LOTR character I understand the least is probably a common choice. Denethor. Yuck. I don't have even a single good thing to say about him.

        The main reason I hate him is because of how awful he is to Faramir. See, Faramir is like my baby, so of course I would dislike anyone who is mean to him. And no one, NO ONE, could argue and say that Denethor is not the most mean, ungrateful, unloving father and king anyone could have. It's really quite repulsive. First off, he makes Boromir go to the Council of Elrond when he doesn't want to, even when Faramir volunteers to go in his place. He forces one of his sons into a situation of temptation, and pays the other pretty much no heed whatsoever. Even when his favorite son pleads with him to give his younger brother what he wants, he doesn't listen and is bitter and all around nasty. And then when Boromir dies he says flat out that he wishes Faramir had dies in his place. TO FARAMIR'S FACE. Y'all, Faramir is a wonderful character. He didn't blow up in Denethor's face when he said that, even though he said 'I wish you were dead'. Huh, and Loki thinks he has daddy issues. And then Faramir goes out to Osgiliath when Denethor tells him to, even though he knows it's practically suicide. When his horse drags him back, almost dead, Denethor refuses to let a doctor see him and prepares to burn both himself and his son on a pyre. I'm sure y'all know what happens, how Pippin gets Faramir off the pyre just in time and Gandalf whacks Denethor in the face with his staff (love that part!), and then he ends up falling off the highest level of the city and dying. Good riddance. I'm sorry, I just hate him. I just don't get how he can even think that way. Bleh. 
        Well, you got to hear me rant about my least favorite character. Hop you're satisfied!


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  1. Ugh. Denethor.

    He was my answer as well. Of course, I'm slightly *coughcough* biased when it comes to Faramir, and I'm just a wee bit protective. And by protective, I mean this: You know that part you mentioned, when Denethor says he wishes their places had been exchanged? When I SEE FARAMIR'S FACE, I have to restrain a tremendous urge to pause the movie when it rests on Denethor's excuse for a snout -- ahem, that is, face -- and take a sledgehammer to it. JUST. NO. You do not talk like that to Faramir. No.