Friday, February 6, 2015

Middle Earth Meme - Day Six

Favorite moment/line in The Two Towers

        I personally love the battle of the Hornburg (Helm's Deep). Everything that happens there, actually. From the refugees arrival to Haldir and the awesome elves of Lothlorien, to Aragorn's fabulous entry and the battle itself, I love everything that takes place there. There are so many great quotes, and the part where Theoden says, 'And the horn of Helm Hammerhand will sound again in the deep!' gives me chills. Seriously, read about that guy in the Appendices - he's pretty cool. Also, Gandalf and the Rohirrim? When they come, after Eomer had been banished by a deranged King, and are able together to overcome the Uruk-Hai, you feel like there maybe is some hope after all. 
        I know Haldir wasn't at Helm's Deep in the book, and you can argue that Galadriel never would have sent away her guard when hostile forces were so near to Lothlorien, but I think this was one of the good alterations Peter Jackson made. I just like Haldir. And his elves. This is probably my favorite armor, that a whole army has, not just a single character. 

        Aragorn's epic door-opening deserves to be mentioned. Remember, they all thought him dead, and then he throws open the door and walks in. I love how he's all dirty and roughed up ('you look terrible!'), yet you can see the Evenstar around his neck. Yes, Aragorn is amazing.

        Now for some Legolas and Gimli. "You could have picked a better spot!" "Shall I describe it to you, or would you like me to find you a box?"

        "Final count -forty two." 
        "Not bad for a pointy-eared elvish princeling, but I myself am sitting pretty on forty three."
        And then Legolas shoots the orc Gimli's sitting on. Muahahahaha.
        "Forty three."
        "He was already dead!"
        "He was twitching."
         "He was twitching, because he's got my axe embedded in his nervous system!"

        I love when Gimli blows the horn.

        Don't tell the elf.

        Eomer being fabulous. He's one of my favorite characters.

        Ahh, chills!

       Okay, I'm stopping now. As you can probably tell, I REALLY like Helm's Deep, and everyone there. Oh, I forgot to mention Eowyn. I like her too. 



  1. I may have to "borrow" a couple of those GIFs, because I have exactly the same favorite moments, two of them, and I have yet to choose between them :-)

  2. That gif of Aragorn is pretty awesome;)

    Yes, when the Rohirrim arrive led by the awesomeness that is the teaming up of Eomer and Gandalf!!! *sigh*

    "Don't tell the elf." "Not a word." XD

  3. *fangirling over this post...*

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

    P.S. You gave me chill bumps...this post is fabulous!