Friday, November 27, 2015

       Hi guys, it's me. Who? Ya know, I'm not even sure anymore. I know it's been a while because this new post template is looking awfully unusual. I've gotten so used to new microsoft word documents for essays and project write-ups over the past few months that I've forgotten what blogging is really like. 
        What can I say, life is different now than it was in the summer. And it just so happens that my new life is not exactly compatible with the blogging world in the way my old life was. Yes, this will be my last post. I said it. I'm sorry.
        I've been working and hunting and fishing and building and climbing trees and watching movies and laughing with dear friends, reading and watching movies and snuggling my Tilly and Eponine and Stockton, writing and dreaming and hoping and crying a little bit, and wasting time on Pinterest. And school, there's always that. My 19 semester units are almost over though, and then I have a three week break before I start 22 in the spring. It's crazy, but it's working out. 
        I'll miss y'all. Hehe, when the Civil War trailer *asdfghjkl* came out I almost decided to post about it, but then I had an essay to write. Although I won't be posting here on my dear little blog, I'll still be on Blogger and looking at all the blogs I follow, which means I'll still be lurking and reading and commenting, but mostly lurking. 'Cause that's just who I am. And I still will most definitely be on Pinterest, as you have probably noticed if you're on and follow me. So yeah, I'm a bit sad, but it's time, and I'm not completely gone. I can't give up my precious yet. ;)
        So long friends - it's been fun.