Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Roof

        For as long as I can remember, we have had a leaky roof. The first drops of rain we heard pattering on the shingles would send us running for the buckets, and we would cringe inwardly as we saw the water seeping through the ceiling, and running in little streams down the walls. We didn't mind having to empty brimming buckets so much as we minded just knowing how much damage it was doing to the actual structure of our house. If you want to see some pictures, check out this post.

        We knew there would be mold and all other manners of disgusting rot, but there was nothing we could really do about it. We had four layers of roofing on (usually if one wears out, they just put another on, and when that wear out too they add one more). Well, you are only meant to have three total before they have to tear it all off and give you a new one. We had four. That means higher cost, and we weren't really up for that until just now. For those who don't know, we have a very old Victorian era home (built in 1896), and the roof has a lot of steep peaks and craziness. That also means higher cost, since it is harder and more dangerous for the workers. 
        Well, right now, we are getting the roof redone. The noise is horrendous, but I know it will be worth it. There are crashes and bangs and other unearthly noises going on over my head, and it sounds like someone or something will come crashing through the roof at any moment. I am so glad to be getting the roof fixed, as we will have no more leaks and I won't be thinking about water damage whenever it rains, but I really liked our old roof. There was moss growing under my window and the shingles were curved and soft, and I know I'll miss those things when I go out on the roof.

See all of the lovely moss?

This crease is where it *really* leaks.
        As you can see, our roof wasn't in the best of conditions. I have climbed up there and patched it many times, but not very well - nothing but a new roof could really fix it. Well, we're getting a new roof. I look out of the window and see piles of shingles falling onto the tarps and boards the workers laid on the ground. Under the normal shingles I can see old cedar ones - THE ORIGINAL NINETEENTH CENTURY ONES!!!

        I have been taking pictures as they progress in tearing off the fours layers of old shingles.

        Eponine and Thorin aren't quite sure what to make of this operation, especially since they've been locked out of our yard.

Update 1:

We never knew that the actual glass in the window was purple!!

We asked the workers to save a few shingles for us, since they're 120 years old.
Update 2:

        The shingles went on! The goats and chickens are over at our neighbors' house now.

Update 3 (day 2):

        They started on the roof outside of my room and bathroom upstairs. I sometimes go up and watch them from behind my curtains.

         The workers built a bridge out of a ladder so that they could carry the old shingles across to the garage roof and throw them directly into the truck, which was parked in front. Otherwise, they would have had to haul them down the ladders, etc. I thought it was pretty cool!


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