Saturday, May 10, 2014

Clean Feels So Good!

        I hadn't really cleaned up after I got home from Tijuana. Since I was sick, I kind of just threw my stuff into my room without putting it away (and around the house too). I'm really surprised my family put up with it for as long as they did, but today I finished up putting everything away. It feels so nice to be able to walk through my room without having to pick my way over piles of clothes, bags, and papers now!
        We are getting ready to have a bunch of work done on our house; the roof, windows, etc. It has made me think about how much I really like my house. Sure, I would far rather live out in the country, but where I am is amazing considering we're in the SF Bay Area. I live in an 1896 Victorian style home right next to a creek. Kind of an ideal location, wouldn't you say? I really like my room, too. It's only 96 square feet - less than 10' by 10' if that helps - and it used to be part of an attic. It's cozy, to say the least. I have to have tiny furniture, and any small thing on the floor makes it feel cramped. I keep it clean, for the most part, because of that. :) After I finished cleaning today, I took some pictures as the sun was setting.

        No, my room doesn't look like it belongs in a magazine. The carpet is faded and strewn with straw half the time, the sheets are faded and the corners cluttered. Each of the hooks has about four shirts, dresses, or jackets on it, and the furniture is a bit banged up.

         But it's cozy. The sun shines in in the evenings, and it's a lovely place to read or knit that scarf that's taking too long. I still don't know why I painted the walls such a bright green color three years ago, but I'm living with it.

         Lissie enjoys the open window above my bookshelf, especially when it's open:

         She also really likes, um, the duck. She has a fit if I take it off the bed, so I have to keep this hideous stuffed animal. It's a family joke that it will be buried with her.

        We are all pleased with the clean room now. ;)



  1. I really love that shade of green on your walls! :) It might be brighter in real life, but in these pictures it looks lovely.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. ;) I don't dislike it really, but if I were to repaint now that color would *not* be my choice.