Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Downpour: Part Two

        I wasn't planning on the rain continuing, but as it did (and still does), I thought I would share some more wet pictures.This is what the creek looks like now:

        Our roof, unfortunately, leaks a lot, so we have to put countless towels down, mostly on the stairs:

        The roof has been leaky for as long as I can remember, but it is so expensive to have it redone that we haven't yet. Our roof in particular has a lot of steep slopes, so it is more dangerous and more costly than the average roof to have redone. Plus, we have four layers of roofing on which makes it harder. When we do have the money to get the job done, they will have to take out all sorts of rot and mildew on the walls too. It is unfortunate.
        Eponine and the chickens stayed under cover most of the day today. it was raining so hard for a few hours that we had puddles forming in places that they usually don't.

        Here are some pictures of the rain and collecting water:

        We have had a very wet three days. Unfortunately, going up the stairs the other day, I stepped on the hem of my most loveliest favoritest skirt and tore it. It already had countless little holes in it and a bleach stain and spot of wood glue, but this hole is really big. :( Very sad. I am by no means planning to stop wearing it though. Farm skirts are meant to have holes in them, but it is still frustrating. I do sew, but the fabric is too worn for it to do any good. The weave will just come right back out around the stitches.

        I hope your clothes stay together better than mine do.


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