Friday, May 23, 2014

Hardcover LOTR Books

        Hi y'all! Second post today, I know. BUT WAIT! I have important news. Do you remember this post? Well, apparently, the day after I bought those books, my grandpa called my dad and told him he had ordered me a hardcover set for my birthday. I got them about a week ago, but there was a problem with them so he re-ordered and I'm sending the first ones back. The new package came today, however. They are GORGEOUS!

         They each have a large map in the back - I may take them out an frame them. :)

        I have no regrets in buying the paperbacks when I did. Oh, I wish I had just waited a few weeks never crossed my mind, actually. For one thing, this hardcover set doesn't include The Hobbit, which I definitely need. My mom jokes (well, it's probably true, actually) that the paperback set will be available to my future little boys with grimy fingers, and the hardcover ones will be for special family reading time. Oh, and for the records, I'm pretty sure my little girls will have grimy fingers too - they will just hopefully have that female intuition that they should wash before touching. ;)
        I am in the middle of The Two Towers right now, and I am switching from my paperbacks to hardcovers. Because hardcovers are just the best. Every book person knows that.



  1. Oooooooooh soooo pretty!!!! :D

  2. Where do you live, because I am going to come break in your house and steal those. I soooo want a set of hardcovers- I have two sets of paperbacks and a hardcover of Hobbit. Seriously, keep those under lock and key XD.

    1. Well I many just have to steal your hardcover of the Hobbit, because I don't have one. So beware!

  3. Ermahgersh. These are freaking GORGEOUS. *drools* :D

  4. Oh! They are lovely sugar! I have a set of paperback copies like the ones you bought a couple weeks ago. I would *love* to get a set of leather-back copies!

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen