Saturday, May 24, 2014

Foraging on the Creek Bank

        Our little creek has many edible plants growing on the banks. This is quite convenient if you ask me - I don't have to go very far to get my peppermint or my watercress when I need it.

        The marsh marigold is one of the plants I know is edible, but haven't done anything with it yet.

         The white flowers you can see here are from the watercress.

        Here is some peppermint from among the sweet peas:

        This is water plantain; I haven't done anything with this yet either.

        These are the flowers (the stalks you see in the background are cattails):

       Up close of a leaf:

         Now, I have a short story to tell. When I first came across this plant, I had no clue what it was. I quickly identified it as from the mint family, though, because of the leaf shape and the square stalks, and because it smelled like basil, I named it basil mint. It tasted like spearmint, however, so I knew it wasn't basil. I went inside after, and looked up different mints and what they smell, taste, and look like. Lo and behold, this plant is actually called Basil Mint. I was quite proud of myself. ;)

        I am sure blackberries need no introduction.

         This is broad leaf plantain (Plantago Major). The thick fibers in the leaves can be used to make rope, and the leaves themselves are edible. You can read more about the many, many uses for this plant here.

        Horsetails most likely don't need any introduction either. They are high in silica and amazing for your nails and hair.

         This is a wild radish plant. We mostly just eat the flowers and leaves, because the actual radish roots have an unearthly level of spiciness. :)

        This is a pepper tree. For the longest time, my mom was convinced that this wasn't 'actual' pepper, but then she realized it is. Now, we don't ever have to buy pepper anymore!

         This is a black walnut tree. I'll do a post on the stuff we make out of this when it's harvest time.

        I hope you've enjoyed this brief peek at the eatables in our creek. ;) I may highlight on some of these plants later as well.



  1. Black walnuts are great for throwing at your siblings. We have epic campaigns every fall. ;)

    1. Yeah, they're the best for that! My dad and brother discovered that a few years back and it hasn't gotten old. :)