Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Downpour

        Well, I think we had the downpour that we were meant to. I was at work while it happened, unfortunately, and spent time in between customers looking longingly out the window at the rain. I just wanted to go out and get soaked and feel the water on my skin, but that was quite out of the question. Too bad. It only rained really hard for about three hours, and has returned to coming down more softly. The wind, however, is VERY strong, and so it rain feels colder and harder than it really is. At one point when I was at work, I saw that the wind was blowing so hard that the rain was coming down almost horizontally! 
        Another gray sky picture:

        Here is the creek. It doesn't look much different than yesterday because the tide was out when I took this one. Sorry for the blurriness around the edges; the rain was blowing right into my face and the lens: 

        My brother took advantage of the higher water and launched his kayak:

        Meanwhile, Thorin and Daisy are staying warm in the barn at our neighbors' place with Lily.

        Only one of the chickens, Larkspur had ventured out at the moment that I was taking pictures, so here is a wet Larkspur:

        I am disappointed that I didn't get out in the real downpour, but I still enjoy lighter rain. Grande jetes on the lawn in the rain are really fun, and running around town with Eponine. She isn't especially fond of the rain, but she puts up with my madness. I hope the rain keeps up here, and not just because of the drought. I just like rain!


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