Thursday, February 6, 2014


        As you know, I live in California, and we are right smack in the middle of a pretty bad drought. We are having slight water regulations already and things aren't looking so great for the crops and animals (especially in the central valley), so any rain is welcome. We hadn't had any for almost a whole year up until a few weeks ago, when it poured for about three hours and then quit, but yesterday evening it started to drizzle and kept it up throughout the night. This morning, it has turned into more of a mist, but I am hoping that it will start up again. I believe that it is meant to continue on and off for the next couple of days, and then there will be a 'downpour' on sunday. I am serious. That's what it said on the weather website. I am eager for rain, not just because of the drought, but because, well, I like rain. I take Eponine out walking; we both get soaked, but it is very fun. That is something I haven't gotten to do for a while, and I hope maybe on sunday I'll have an opportunity. I know that half of the country is being hit with snowstorms and blizzards right now - weather conditions that I can't really even imagine from living here in the San Fransisco Bay Area all my life, but for us wimpy people out here, we don't get any of that. Ever. 
        Eponine and the chickens are holding up pretty well in the light rain, and are actually spending most of their time outside. I am sure that will change, though, if we do get downpours. :) Thorin has been spending his time in the barn at our neighbors' house with Lily and Daisy to keep warm, since he is young, has had to switch from 'mama milk' to goat formula, and doesn't have very thick fur. He would be fine outside, but I told you I am spoiling him, so I might as well do it thoroughly.
        Here are some pictures of our rainy farm. I just took these now when it is barely misting, so things aren't as wet as they were earlier:

        Pretty wet plants! Dwarf orange tree:

        Onions and baby lettuces:

        Broccoli, celery, peas, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't distinguish from the picture:

        Miner's lettuce bed:

        Eponine not sharing the fodder with Wintergreen:


        Willow and Birch:

        June (short for Juniper), Pepper, Larkspur, Millie (Chamomile), Sassy (Sassafras), and Honey:

        Both Daisy and Thorin had their first experience in the rain when they got let out to play in the pen at our neighbors' house. Neither was wanting to pose for pictures, so...

         And finally, a look at the creek behind our house. I don't have a 'before' picture so that you can compare, but you can kind of see how far is has risen. Not very much at all.

        A few years ago, we had a very heavy rain in April. The water came up so high that we were afraid it would come over the wall and flood our house! It was actually pretty scary to suddenly have a rushing river instead of a small creek. I searched and searched my computer for this picture. Diagonally across from where this one was taken is where the one above was.

         Yup, pretty scary. I really hope it doesn't do this again:

         On a lighter note, here is a picture of the first peach blossom. We are hoping the rain doesn't knock them off - we like peaches!



  1. Little daisy sure knows how to pose naturally, I love the picture....
    wow the flood does look kind of scary and dangerous for any small animal. How long do the rains last in San Francisco? I have heard that in California the climate is always warm and so many plants and trees thrive over there.


    1. Well, this year the weather has been unusual because of the drought, but I can tell you what it is usually like. Most years, we have rains sprinkled (no pun intended) throughout late fall to early spring, and then hardly any the other months. You know the term 'Golden California'? That is because from about May to November, the hills are all dry and gold-colored. Most years, we have snow once or twice, but only on the very tops of the two mountains. We have a very mild climate - almost Mediterranean - so the growing season is long. That is convenient for us. :) In the town we live in, we usually only get frost twice every winter, but we actually had it for bout a month put together already this winter. Such strange weather!

  2. Oh! I Love rain too! One of my favorite things to do is go walking in the rain with my brothers, it's sooo fun. We get drenched, but it is so worth it! Have you ever danced in the rain? So much fun.

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

    1. YES!! Dancing in the rain! It is absolutely the best, especially barefoot!