Sunday, February 23, 2014

Springtime In My Heart

        I couldn't figure out a fitting title when I was thinking about this post, so I went to go play my piano. I opened up one of my favorite songbooks, and the first song was 'Springtime Inn My Heart'. I went back to the kitchen, turned on my computer, and sat down once more. And here I am now. 
        Everything is green and growing here - it is wonderful! There are sprouts and baby leaves and happy animals; the sun is shining, and it seems as though the whole world must be happy now. On Wednesday we are meant to have some rain, for which I am excited (we need it terribly), but for the moment I am happy to enjoy the warm weather. This is where I imagine my yard looks like right now:

        So let's get started with the pictures. There are quite a few, so prepare yourself accordingly. I took a walk down by the creek today with my camera. It was nice to see the things that are growing and get my boots muddy!

         My brother was fishing from the bank.

         I don't know what it is about water, but it is magical!

        Now for the things I found growing this year. Watercress:

        A big radish plant:

        Some yellow dock:

        Queen Anne's Lace:

        Scarlet Pimpernel:

        I searched all over for peppermint; I knew there had to be some somewhere this year. I finally found it, tiny and covered in dust, but there:

        This is the view the other way down the creek:

        Baby radish sprouts:

        More watercress:


        Now for up on the bank... Our neighbors oranges are ripe, and they don't pick or eat them. I'm sure you can guess what that means! ;)

        A blossoming plum tree:

        Our lovely dwarf peach tree (her name is Elizabeth):

        My brother's top bar hive:

         I just have a thing for feed buckets, okay?

        Calendula and  Narrow Leaf Plantain sprouts:

        My Lemon Balm is growing again...

         As is the Anise Blue Hyssop. So delicious in tea...

        A few sprouts in one of the cold frames:

        Eponine has been complaining that I have not been giving her enough attention because I've been spoiling my little man, Thorin. So I promised that I would post a bunch of pictures of her on my blog so she would be popular (that is very important to her). So, here you are, my Darlin'.

         She wasn't posing very well because all she wanted to do was snuggle.

        Sorghum, Honey, and Larkspur were turning some soil:

        Fodder is growing - Yum for birdies!

        And, my little Thorin. He jumped up when he saw me coming with his hooves on the fence. He's just a little sweetheart!
        "Mama! Mama! Here I am! Do you wanna snuggle?"

        Eponine had gotten her head stuck through a hole in the fence. I don't know how long she was like this before I pried the wires apart and got her out.


        I took Thorin out to play after that:

        We are all enjoying the sun while it lasts, and hoping that the sky will dump buckets on Wednesday to help with the drought. Now, I am going back outside - I cannot stay in for long! I suppose I really do have springtime in my heart!



  1. Ah! So envious dear Reyna of all your greenery! We have dust, dust, dead grass, dust, and more dust here. Oh my, and you have a CREEK to!!?!! Jealous, oh so jealous. Although, I *might* forgive you for having all that grass if I could have one of your adorable goaties. I am grinning from ear-to-ear after seeing pictures of baby Thorin! Enjoy'em.

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

    1. Well, we didn't have any grass until it rained a few weeks ago, and hardly any water in the creek either. You know, I would trade living here for dust and dry grass, though, even though I'm not especially fond of those things. Here in the suburbs on 7000 square feet, it is constant worrying about if someone is going to complain about us having goats and chickens; the former we are not supposed to have for our property size. We don't have to worry about the neighbors - they love it, but if someone was walking by on the trail and felt like complaining... Well, we might have to get rid of everyone. I have dreams sometimes that I have to give my Darlin' away and it is terrible! I pray all of the time that it never happens, cause I love all of our animals!

  2. What beautiful pictures! Queen Anne's Lace is one of my favorite wild flowers. :-) And your little Thorin just about melted my heart.

  3. Yup, he's adorable! Hopefully he's so smelly and obnoxious in a few months that it won't be so hard to say goodbye to him, 'cause if I had to do it now things wouldn't go so well.

  4. Spring, spring spring , how I wish we had spring lol... I am also dealing with a dry season, hot winds and nothing green here. :( wow your goats seem so friendly,oh and what a beautiful mini peach tree you have .

  5. Lovely pictures! Your peach tree is gorgeous. And feed-buckets... It made me think of the funny line in "Miss Potter" when she's describing how one sunny morning she got distracted sketching a beautiful, shiny object and realized when she was done that it was the pigs' feed bucket. ...Ordinary items can have an extraordinary beauty. :-)

    1. That is so funny! I have never read that book before, so I'll have to check it out!

    2. Yes, it's actually a movie...kind of a biographical about the author of the Peter Rabbit books. I wouldn't advocate everything in it: there aren't any indecent scenes at all (that I remember), but I probably wouldn't watch it with younger children as she did have a pretty rough relationship with her parents and there are a few feministic lines. That being said, it's a powerful and very interesting story.

    3. Okay, thanks for the information. I looked at the review at PluggedInOnline, and think I'll see about getting it!