Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lovely Farm

        Everything is so nice and fresh after the rain! When I was outside for a few hours today I took these pictures. Thorin has finally started taking his bottle without a fight, and is beginning to really like it:

        As you can see, he is kinda a messy eater. Lavender and Larkspur were pretty curious; I think they knew that there was food involved.

        This is my lovely Lav-chick:

        And because I know that everyone loves fluffy bum pictures, here we go:

        Oh, were you hoping for some more? Sorry, I only took one. After I fed my Thorin, I took him out to play on the woodpile and then into the chicken yard to give him a good brushing. He was strangely interested in the milking stand.

        Isn't he just the cutest? Yup, I know. Then we went to see Allegro and Tendu.

        Am I the only one who thinks pea plants are gorgeous? Probably not. Well, at least until they die and start to mold. Then... Yuck.

         Peach blossoms:


         The creek has returned to just above its normal height.

        Eggs and muddy boots.

        Yesterday I knitted a 'Bumble Up Scarf' for the yarn store to display as a sample. I love doing projects even more than swatches, because in addition to playing with new and fancy yarn, I also get to play with a pattern and improve my skills. They give me the yarn sufficient to complete the project, and I knit it up. Here is what the picture looks like on the pattern (I don't own it, btw):

        I did it in different colors, but I still thought it turned out nicely. Although I wouldn't wear this is a million years - it's really just not my style - I still think it is pretty cute. Ot was fun to knit as well. I am blocking it right now. Please excuse the ends hanging out all over the place, I haven't trimmed them off yet. In the top left hand corner, you can kind of see the buttonhole, and the button will go on the lower side about ten inches from the bind off edge. It was easy to knit - the pattern was easy and it only took me about 3 1/2 hours - but still fun and entertaining. I'll try to get a picture of it on display in the store later.

        That is what has been going on here lately. If you're interested, there is a delightful blog party going on at Lianne Taimenlore right now. It is called 'Dear Love - A Valentine Blog Party for Christan Young Ladies'. Definitely check it out. And speaking of blog parties, there is one that I myself will be participating in very soon, 'The Literary Heroine Blog Party' at Accordion to Kellie. (You can see I have the button on my sidebar). So much fun! Well, I am hoping. I have never done a blog party before so we will see. But I am sure it will be GREAT!!!!



  1. The scarf you are working on looks very pretty exactly like the one above it but in different colors, how lucky to be where you live everything is spring blooming over there :)


  2. Yes, we love our spring! Are you still having winter weather?

    1. The winter ended a couple of weeks ago, we are now dealing with harsh warm to hot winds, the climate here is pretty arid very little green sprouts from the land around these months.

  3. Oh my goodness gracious! Thorin is PRECIOUS!!! I love baby goats so much...can't wait for June, when my girls have their new kids. What breed is he? (You may have told me before on my own blog...pardon me for my forgetfulness!)

    1. He is a Nigerian Dwarf, and yes, he is really cute! He loves to snuggle too, so I take advantage of that while he is young. Because when he's a bit older, well, I'm sure you know about bucks. It's going to be hard to give him up in a few months!