Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yarn Swatch and Architecture

        I recently got to play with some new yarn, and guess what it was made out of? Raw silk and baby alpaca! Yes! I think it was my favorite yarn that I have swatched so far, and I may just have to buy some of my own in the near future. It did curl quite a bit when I was knitting it, but after being blocked it flattened out really nicely. Here is a picture of it pinned out and drying:

        Because of the color of our nasty blue carpet, the yarn looks a bit darker than it actually was; plus, it was wet. As I said before, though, it turned out very nicely. I used size four needles because the yarn was so thin, and I think it was 35 stitches across. And if you were wondering, the yarn is made by Blue Sky Alpacas and is called metalico. It comes in skeins of 147 yards, which is nice - definitely enough for a scarf. I get so tired of buying nice yarn and then getting two thirds of the way through a scarf and then running out. Here are all of the beautiful colors. Mine was the fourth from the left (I don't own that picture, by the way).

        Here is my second architecture drawing from the book. I didn't use tracing paper for this so the proportions are a tiny bit off, but oh well. It is the Trajan Column from Rome, built in A.D. 112:

        I didn't like how it turned out as well as the Ishtar Gate drawing I did, but I suppose I won't be pleased with everything I draw. I just wanted to share also a lovely picture of the sky out of my window a few days ago. I thought it was stunning:


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