Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daisy Update and Goatling Sling

        Daisy is not quite forty eight hours old yet, but it is time for an update. So you'll get to see some pictures of the baby all fluffed up and clean now, rather than twenty minutes old and still a bit wet. We are going to take a picture of her every week until we give her away, next to the same picture frame and grass hay bale, so we can see how much she has grown. For baby goats grow very quickly. Here is our "farm news" sign with the latest announcement:

        Welcome Daisy, born on my mom's birthday (she was so exited)! Some goatling in a frame pictures:

        It has been a bit chilly here lately, although nothing like the weather the rest of the country is getting right now, so Daisy stays mostly in her barn with her Mama and her warm light. When I take her out, I put her in the sling that I made to carry my cat a long time ago. People see her and think she is a bunny! It amuses me. I don't think the ears are big enough. Anyway, the sling.

        This is me and Daisy, out in the cold air. I walked her over to the restaurant where her future adopted parents work, and they met for the first time. I got lots of weird looks on the way over, but since I walk my goats on a leash all of the time, I'm pretty much used to it.

        I suppose hardly anyone carries their baby goats in slings, but I love slings, so why not. My mom carried me in a sling all of the time when I was a baby, so why not? Slings are great because they allow the child/animal to feel close to their mom, and yet if you are carrying a baby in a sling, you have your hands free! They just go right to sleep because they know they are safe and bundled up, and you can get some work done. Not that I have to carry Daisy around, but it is an excuse. 
        If you want to make a sling, it is really easy. I just cut a rectangle of fabric that was the length from my shoulder to the opposite hip (plus seam allowance), and then cut the bottom into a curve. I sewed the ends together so that the seam is closed on both sides, and the hemmed the edge. There are lots of easy sling tutorials out there also if your mom can't teach you how like mine did. My mom is just cool like that, and your mom might be cool in other ways. :)
         So the moral of the story is: slings are good! For kittens and puppies and goatlings and babies (I mean people babies)! You just might get strange looks.


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  1. I know what I'm going to make to carry my bunnies (and hopefully future goatlings around in)!! What an awesome idea. Genius.

    ~ Aspen