Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Rabbit Hutch, Continued

        Now I know I never did a real post on this structure, but here is the "continuation". We have been doing the living roof, bits and pieces over the past few days, and it is coming along well. We took the plywood roof off to install the grow bed, if you will, and worked on it laid out on the patio. First, we screwed a frame onto the outside. This was hard and delicate work because the plywood was so thin, but we managed and only split the wood in a few small places. Then we put the pond liner in, trimmed it up, and tacked it on:

        Then we lifted it back onto the coop to measure where to put the drainage hole, and installed the pipe:

        Leaning up against the house while the glue dries: 

        An interlude: pictures of goats and chickens. First up, Eponine eating our Christmas tree:

        Finding yummies in the sprouted wheelbarrow. So cute!

        Lily-goat, who is due to kid very soon now (is it just me or does she look dead in this picture?):

        Here is a better one:

        Okay, back to the living roof. After the glue dried, we heaved it back up onto the coop and made sure the drain worked properly. Then we put a lair of straw down so that all of the dirt doesn't just fall through, and then the dirt itself. Now it is all done, with some little baby nasturtiums growing on the roof!

        Do you have a living roof? Please tell!


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