Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Birth Announcement: Meet Daisy-goat!

        After five long months, Lily (our neighbor's goat) kidded. Yesterday morning we knew she was getting close because she stopped eating and went into our shed and lay down in the straw. We could tell she was getting ready. Also, her udder was huge and the baby had dropped, making her hips protrude. So, as the day wore on, with us checking on her at least every hour, we began to wonder if her kids would really come that day. After all, she didn't really seem to be in labor, and some goats take kind of a while. I went up to my room at about nine last night, wrote in my journal for an hour, and then went to bed. I'd had a long day at school and was ready to sleep. Not if there was a goatling, however. A bit after ten, my mom came back from checking on Lily, and I asked her how Lily was doing. "Well, there's one baby!" she answered. I can't tell you just how fast I came tearing down the stairs. I grabbed my shawl, didn't bother with shoes, and raced out the door and down the street. I had been hoping to see the birth, but I would settle for just a baby goat. Here is Daisy and her very proud mama:

        All of these pictures were taken within thirty minutes of her birth. Lily licked her and licked her until she was clean and fluffy.

         Learning to nurse for the first time:

        This morning, I went out at seven to check on everyone and snuggle the baby. She is doing very well; eating and loving on her mama. Daisy looks just like Lily, but everywhere that Lily has brown and a little bit of black, Daisy has black and a little bit of brown. I think she is beautiful, and I am relieved that she does not look like a black and white beef cow. I was a bit worried that she would, as her father was all black:

        He was a strange goat, let me tell you, but then, most bucks are strange. I am glad his daughter is cute! Although I was hoping for a boy and a girl, just Daisy is fine with me. Our friend may adopt her when she gets a bit older, so we would still get to see her. 
        This morning, I did some sling training with Daisy. When I first got Eponine when she was five days old, I carried her around in the sling all of the time and it was just the cutest thing! She will have to stay with her mama for a few more days, though. I am so thankful that lily's birthing process was quick and easy. She did everything "by the book", and it made our first experience with birthing goats very good. In a few weeks, we are going to breed Eponine, hopefully for July or August babies. Maybe she will have more than one. Aren't baby goats cute?



  1. Daisy is the cutest goatling! She is just precious! <3

    Are y'all planning on taking her when she is a bit older? Do tell more on the "goat sling"!!!

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

  2. Daisy and her momma are so darling cute aww she is so tiny tiny ... now I am wondering what type of breed are they, do they require much attention.

  3. All of our goats are Nigerian Dwarfs. Since we live on a small property, we have to treat them more like dogs and less like herd animals, but that makes them nicer and more affectionate. If you only have one goat, they do need quite a bit of attention - being herd animals and all - but if they have at least one friend they don't need as much. We chose Nigerian Dwarf goats because they stay pretty small and still are good milk producers.

    1. They are so small cute and fluffy and I believe they are very smart to, thank you for the info Reyna, Nigerian Dwarf goats are definitely going to be in my wishlist...