Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sewing Gadgets

        A friend who helps my brother with beekeeping recently gave him a box of notions to take what he wanted from it and give the rest to me. So I got a whole shoebox full of goodies! Mostly thread, but that really is the most expensive, so I am pleased. Very pleased, yes precious.

        See? Look at all of the pretty colors! 

         There are even some wooden spools mixed in:

        There is some elastic; very sturdy and well made (you can see my boots in the background!):

       And, something that I go through a lot of, and now hope never to have to buy again:

        Can you guess? No? Sewing machine needles! I break those all of the time, and now I have 100!

        Also, there were three bobbins, the kind that I need for my old Singer 99K.

        And, of course, the box of things that I don't want:

        On another note, a friend gave me an old cameo shawl pin that had been lying in her drawer. It is blue and has a carved shell picture in relief. I can't wait to wear it with some of my 19th Century style outfits! Here is a photograph:



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