Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hand-crafted Cob Oven with Brick Base: Part One

        My mom is always doing projects. It is her lifestyle, probably in her DNA somewhere (though I don't know where she got the gene from). Anyway, it is always something useful, usually for the farm or something else related. This week it is an oven - and no, she doesn't always have a new project every week. My brother or I or both of us usually get dragged into helping as well, and this week it is me. I for once am finding it very fun and educational to be part of this project, and thoroughly enjoying every second. Well, almost every second. 
        The brick foundation and storage area was the most fun to build. We used mortar from Home Depot, Set Control to give us more time from the same, and bricks that we scrounged up from around the yard. We ended up having to buy a few as well.

        We mixed it all up (well, not the bricks):

        Then we started laying the foundation. We built the walls up on top of that:

        Her is a close up of how the bricks are sealed with the mortar:

        And a closer up:

        In the next picture you can see how we started laying the base of the actual oven. Wood goes down, sealed in with mortar, then a full layer of bricks, then several beer bottles for insulation. I think those came from the tree service people when we had our big stump ground:


        The actual oven part is going to have to wait until spring, when we can work with the clay and sand, so look for another post in the next few months with the completed project.


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