Saturday, January 11, 2014

What I've been Knitting Lately

        Surprisingly, I was not burned out after knitting dishcloths for three to four hours a day for the month of December. That is, I was surprised myself. I have still been doing quite a bit of knitting, although the challenge has been finding what to knit. So first and foremost: swatches. I have been doing them for the yarn store and it has been so fun! Playing with all of the different fibers, and not to mention the gorgeous set of knitting needles they gave me for doing it! One of the first yarns I did was Color by Kristin from Classic Elite Yarns. It is a blend of wool, alpaca, and mohair, and the color I chose was a lovely dark brown.

        I have done a few wool blends that I cannot remember exactly, mostly DK and sport weight. The last two I took home were Jojoland Tempo in a grayish blue, and Colinton Australia Pure Unbrushed Mohair. The mohair was especially fun. I was expecting it to shed all over the place (see the picture?), but it didn't shed a single bit! I was amazed. And isn't that raspberry color just exquisite? 

         Well, it comes off as kind of an orange, but it is actually raspberry. Here is a swatch pinned out on the carpet and drying:

        And, let's not forget, my majestic knitting needles in their majestic case. No, not this kind of majestic:

        This kind of majestic!

         As you can see, each size, from 2.5 to 11, is stained a different color. Isn't the wood just gorgeous? And I got them FREE! Well, not exactly. But just having to knit swatches (which I would want to do anyway) is as good as free. They are a knitter's pride, although "Pride goeth before the fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction". I am probably going to sit on one and break it *SOB*. 
        This is the beginnings of a wool blanket that is going to take a very long time and a lot of yarn:

        And that is what I have been knitting.


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