Saturday, March 8, 2014


         My mom originally built this pond to raise tilapia in, but that didn't work out. They all died. She had been planning to keep a breeding pair inside and we would raise them to eat, but they got some sort of disease and the venture kind of collapsed. Not the pond, though, the pond is still standing strong, and my brother has been filling it with bluegill he catches at a local fishing lake. They have to go into a decontamination tank first where they sit in a saltwater solution for about a week, and then they get to come into here:

          As you can see, I am just the best fish photographer in the world! That was sarcasm, for those who didn't get it. They move more quickly than my little Thorin!

        We are planning to eventually eat these fishies, but they have to get a bit bigger first. My brother learned how to filet them so as to get the maximum amount of meat and the fewest bones, so he is itching to try it out on these guys. And I am itching to eat them. ;)


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