Friday, March 21, 2014

Stalking Turkeys

        With turkey hunting season fast approaching, my brother and I have been going out every day to scout one of the flocks near our house and figure out its habits and other good information to have. We also explore around a bit; we've found a few places we didn't know about before. I brought my camera a few days ago, and took some pictures as we went. 
        We walk about a half mile from our house and then turn up onto a hill. There are a few little paths, but they are hardly traveled and may as well not be there.

        I spotted the first turkey:

         We climb to the ridge, and then walk along this drainage ditch:

         The creek from up there:

        Then, we cross a street at the top of the hill when we come out of the brush. There is an even bigger hill ahead; that's where we stalk the turkeys. The first of the flock:

        The two Toms:

         We use this landslide control, umm, thing, as a blind to sneak up on them:

        Getting closer:

        Don't they look tasty?

        Once we got halfway up the hill, we were pretty tired from ducking and running up through low brush and grass, so we stopped to rest a minute at this huge oak tree.

        Then we continue on. The day before we had gone kind of around the hill and then taken the road back, but this time we went we continued up the hill. Climbing...

        The top! There was a lovely field of poppies:

        Looking out:

        We headed back down through a different neighborhood, and saw a few more interesting things. We ended up tracking through the brush again because we just don't like the city. :)

        No, silly, that's an alligator lizard!

         One lone hen:

        We walked back along the trail. That's the farthest we get to wilderness around here. Ugh. At least it's something - I can't wait for turkey season!


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