Thursday, April 3, 2014

Goat Babies!

        Now, please note, these aren't my goats - I wasn't even there for their birth. They are my cousin's, and she just sent me a bunch of pictures. I figured I show them to you 'cause goatlings are just too cute! The funny thing was, she has an iPod Touch, so as Acorn was having her babies, she's out in the barn sending me pictures of everything as it's happening. :) 
        As you remember, Lily only had one. We all knew Acorn was going to have more - she was really big - but they were guessing two. Nope, it was three. Three healthy, happy, and hungry Nigerian Dwarf kids. (Sorry for the picture quality; iPod...)

        Aren't they just adorable? It makes me all the more excited for Eponine kidding, hopefully in five or so months! Oh, and she did send me some pictures of the actual birthing, but I thought I'd spare you the details. ;) I wasn't there when Daisy was born, so I thought I'd better be ready for Eponine. I really hope she has at least two, and she probably will. I can't wait to meet these new little creatures!
         Oh, and I heard that Acorn herself isn't doing to swell - if you could pray for her that would be appreciated by my cousins. I know they love her TONS!


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  1. Oh, sending Congratulations to your cousin! They are adorable!

    ~ Aspen