Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sunshine Award

        I've been nominated for another blogging award, this time the Sunshine Award! Thank you Heidi so much for nominating me!

        As well as having a lovely picture to go with, Heidi has also set some simply delightful questions for me to answer. Before I get carried away, however, there is some other information.
How To Do It:

1. Answer the questions set by your nomination blogger.

2. Nominate as many or as few fellow bloggers as you like.

3. Set questions for your nominees.

        See, that wasn't too bad. So moving on to the questions!

1. Do you have a favorite spring color?
Hmm, let me think... My taste in greens lightens in the springtime from more of a dark forest to a more 'springy tone', if that counts. :)

2. One of the most riveting books you’ve ever read? Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz. It's about the persecution of the early Christians under Nero, and also has a very Godly and pure romance which kind of sets the stage for the whole book. I would highly recommend this book, but maybe not for very young readers. The whole persecution theme can be a bit intense at points.

3. A favorite adventure movie?
I think Star Wars; original trilogy, of course. I like Harrison Ford. :)
4. Mexican, Italian, or French cuisine… Do you have a favorite?
Italian, definitely! I love all of the Italian herbs such as Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, etc. We also have a Mediterranean climate here, so grow a lot of that type of food.
5. Do you like shopping for relaxation or would you “infinitely prefer a book”? Or either?
I would infinitely prefer a book! The stores around here are just irritating to me, but I'm sure if we had an antique store or something of the sort I would love to go there!
6. Do you like cranberries?
Yes! I make gallons and gallons of cranberry sauce when the store get them in in the fall, and love to eat the raw berries while the sauce is simmering down!
7. Do you enjoy hiking and camping?
I do very well indeed! I do not, however, like the modernized type of camping where you have everything you would have at home (TV, a stove, a toilet, air conditioning). Come on, people! What's the point of that? I love to just climb over the hills and run along the rivers with my goat, shoot my brother's gun, and be away from the city!
8. Working with animals?
Umm, yes. Most assuredly. Especially goats and pigeons; they are SO smart!
9. Do you ever name places? Inspired by favorite literary locations?
Yes, I do name places! Mostly from LOTR, but sometimes from other books and sometimes just out of my own head.
10. Do you enjoy dying your hands brown in garden soil? Or do you find worms unsettling?
Only if the soil is moist. :) Then I love it! I just transplanted some Calendula seedlings the other day and it was a joy!
11. A specific instance of God’s kindness toward you in the past year.
Oh, just one?! Well, I've had a lot of blessings with regards to our farm animals - I got my own darlin' Eponine goat, our neighbors' goat kidded safely, and we've just made a lot of progress on our little postage stamp!

My Nominees
        I could only find four, sorry peeps. If you weren't nominated and would like to be, please consider yourself to be so now. Leave a comment with your blog address and I'll check out your answers to the tag (and most likely fall in love with your blog). 

1. What is your favorite instrument (to play or to listen to)? 
2. Poetry or prose?
3.  What is a bizarre and random thing that you sometimes wonder about? For instance, I often wonder how many songs and parts of songs I actually know or how many people I know. 
4. Would you rather bake a cake or a batch of cookies?
5. Would you rather sweep the floor or mop it?
6. How do you wear your hair most days?
7. What is the desktop image on your computer right now?
8. Would you rather perform for a small group of people that you have to be around after or a large auditorium filled with people you will never see again in your life?
9. What was the last book you read?
10. What was the last movie or TV show you watched?
11. Take this quiz. Who do you get?

        Have fun with the questions!
      Thank you Heidi again!


  1. Wonderful answers! I just kept mentally going "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, lovely!!!" (I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-) ) And I'd run across Quo Vadis before, but hadn't been able to tell if it was good and healthy or not. Per your recommendation, I'll now definitely have to check it out! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me!! :-) <3