Monday, November 3, 2014

Wide Load

         Eponine, being more than four months along and perhaps only a week away from kidding, is quite the fat little thing. She spends her days eating and dozing, and occasionally going for walks with her Mama. I should take her more often, but I haven't had the time! Anyway, she is enjoying all the rest immensely and has developed a bit of an attitude when she doesn't want to do what I tell her. She is an ornery little beast.

         I finished the stanchion part on her milking stand last week and am just getting my birthing kit together now. I can't wait for the little goatlings to come! Hopefully it won't be too cold by then - I might have to knit the babies some sweaters! I am praying that she'll have a safe first kidding and that we'll have a whole bunch of fluffy goat babies running around. In the meantime, Darlin', get some rest!


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  1. So cute!! And she is quite the chubby thing, isn't she?! ;) Can't wait to see her goatlings!!

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen