Sunday, November 9, 2014

Battle of the Five Armies Trailer Breakdown - Part Two

        Continuing from Friday's post...

        Yeah, go Peter Jackson!

        Bilbo throwing a rope down over the cliff outside of the lonely mountain, and jumping down. Is this *SPOILER* where he takes the Arkenstone to Thranduil? *END SPOILER* 

Bilbo is right. You cannot see what you have become. - Dwalin

        At this point, I completely lost it. Here is Dwalin, basically Thorin's right hand man, realizing that his friend, his mentor, his king, has lost his mind to the dragon sickness. Thorin has spiraled into insanity, the same obsession over the gold that drove his grandfather mad, and it breaks Dwalin's heart to see where this is leading. It's especially heartbreaking because he to is of royal lineage, although not directly in line for the throne like Fili and Kili. He realizes that without Thorin, they have nothing, no home, no king, no nothing. And, the way Thorin is acting, chances are they won't even have their lives after a while if he keeps leading them down this path. Thorin, who held their group together throughout years of exile and wandering all over Middle Earth, is no longer an able leader, or friend, or anything. He tries to bring Thorin back, but it doesn't work.

Everything I did, I did for them. - Thorin

        Why put two absolutely heartwrenching scenes right back to back? Did they want me to be gasping for breath and sobbing my heart out in the kitchen? 'Cause I was. Thorin can't quite realize what he's doing, he can't tell that he is driven by madness. But still, the reason he is doing all of this (no matter how wrong the way is he is doing it) is so that his nephews, his boys, will grow up in a prosperous dwarven nation as the rulers. Everything he did, he did for them. For Fili. For Kili. For his sister's sons. For his boys.

        These look like Thranduil's soldiers gathering in front of Erebor.


         He's such a fluffy bear! But he's not my Thorin anymore. Bring back my Thorin!

You started this. You will forgive me if I finish it. - Thranduil

        Did Gandalf start it by initiating the Quest for Erebor? Or in some other way we don't know yet?

        This is the Battle of the Five Armies. The last battle in Middle Earth to be waged on screen. 

         My question here is, what are they firing at? Something on the mountainside?

        Thorin and Kili (and supposedly some other dwarves as well) overlooking the valley in between Erebor and Dale.  Also, if you enlarge the picture - you can see it more clearly in the trailer itself - there is a rider on a white horse going away from them. Not sure who that is.

When faced with death, what can anyone do? - Bilbo

        Nothing but fight. And die a noble death. Because it looks as though that's going to be the outcome, at this point.

        Here's the mystery place. Obviously it's going to play somewhat of a pivotal role in this last movie, as they feel the need to show it so much.

        Is this what death looks like? I am reminded of the Battle of Pelennor Fields, where only a handful of people survived. Is it going to be like that? Utter destruction? Like when even the victors have only a few survivors? NOOOOO!!!! It's going to be like the first attempt to take back the mountain, when Thror was killed by Azog (in the movie) and Thorin earned the name Oakenshield.

          Here's that white horse again. And there are so many parallels with Pelennor Fields!

I will not hide while others fight our battles for us! -  Kili

        To see Kili, whose hero was his uncle, now turning against him, is as sad as anything else. But he has no choice about it if he wants to do the right thing. It's heartbreaking, though, because it shows just how far Thorin has gone that even Kili turns against him. 

        This is Bard, almost dying.And this is the black arrow!!!

        Why are they still here when the dragon is still on the loose and spewing fire everywhere? (This was a logical question I formulated after I got over the worst of the crying and watched the trailer over again).

        Nope. Not ready. I said I couldn't wait, and I can't, but at the same time I can't bear to think that it will be over. 

        Is this his runestone? The one that says 'return to me'? *SOBBING*




        This confused me. Is Thranduil trying to kill Tauriel?!?! 

        The Defiler. 

        We're 2/3 of the way through! Stay tuned for part 3!


  1. AAAUGH.
    THE END.
    In other news, can't wait for Part 3! And that's interesting about the parallel with Pelennor Fields. You're right, they are very similar; I never realized that before!

  2. Oh, *sighs* that scene with Thorin and Kili though*melts* WHYYYYYYYYYY? I do agree that we could've seen more of Fili but I'm sure we will see a ton of both brothers in BOFTA=D I think the rider on the horse, in sreencap with Thorin and Fili, is maybe Bard, since in the teaser trailer Bard is by the mountain asking if Thorin wants peace or war. In the screen cap when it shows the white horse again with the people of Laketown, Legolas and Tauriel are on the horse. I’m still confused at what parts happen when. Kili’s quote when he’s yelling at is uncle kind of sounds like something Fili would say. But you do make a good point at how Thorin has gone insane so much that even ‘Kili’ would turn against him*tears*. I’m pretty sure that is the rune stone. Why would they be holding hands? What is going on, why is Thrandy so angry with Tauriel? Maybe Peter Jackson cropped her in for someone else?