Sunday, November 30, 2014

"It's hysteria. Relief after a near-death experience."

        NaNo's over, peeps. After a whirlwind month of exams and presentations and goatlings and hey! writing, I have more than 25,000 words in my notebook. 25,051, to be exact. Boy, am I glad I only did half NaNo!

        It was tiring. It was stressful. It was cramping hands and loads of pencils and tea. It was amazing. I love my book. My characters are awesome - I know them so well it feels like we're best friends. That never really happened before with any other story I wrote, but even before I started writing, I took a lot of my spare time to write stuff down in my everything notebook about them, and how they talked, and all sorts of other rambling nonsense. And it worked! At least, I think it worked - I guess I'll have to wait and see.
        By no means is my book done. I'm probably not even halfway through the first draft. But it's a start, and now I have only to develop a plan to KEEP WRITING. My continual struggle. Once NaNo's over, I just kind of... Blah.
         So even though I can't share the plot with y'all yet, I'm going to put some pictures on here that I've collected on a secret board on Pinterest.
         This is my main character, Marian, only she's not so skinny as this actress. Isn't it hard to find pictures for characters that aren't perfect looking?!

        This is her best friend. She's quite mischievous.

        Little brothers...

        And sisters...

        And now for some pictures that I'm not going to describe because of Reasons.

        Any ideas? I didn't put any of the giveaway pictures on here so probably not *evil laugh*. I'm sad that NaNo's over, and I'm relieved as well. I'm really glad it did it this year, though, because next year I'll be taking college classes full time and probably won't have this much spare time to write. Maybe I'll just have to do it on the computer, then. Any NaNo experiences from y'all?
        Last, but not least, I want to give a HUGE thank you to the friend who convinced me to do NaNo this year. You made this month an awesome one. And congratulations on winning too!


P.S. The post title is my favorite quote from an adventure novel my cousin wrote two years ago for school.

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