Friday, November 7, 2014

Battle of the Five Armies Trailer Breakdown - Part One

        By breakdown I mean that I'm going to rave about basically every frame of this two minute thirty second long trailer. And it also means that when I watched it I had a breakdown and was crying in the kitchen in front of God and everyone. Because of what happens and because it's the last Middle Earth movie ever. From what it looks like, though, it's going to be one of the best. And I didn't have high hopes until I saw the trailer. Now, ASDFGHJKL *UNCONTROLLABLE SOBBING*!!!!!
        A friend emailed it to me and that was how I saw it first. We were getting ready for a party and rushing around doing all sorts of stuff, but I saw this and dropped everything. I think I remember letting out a strangled squeal and grasping for the headphones while I clicked play. And then...

        Just this. I was shaking and I just about lost it here. Like, guys, this is it. The last trailer. The last trailer EVER. And this was just so eerie and yeah. Stuff. I was going crazy already, so didn't have many logical thoughts at this point.

        They're in Erebor. The dragon's gone. So they re-grouped and Thorin went down to look over his gold and muse?

Thorin, you gave a promise. - Bilbo

        So Thorin's going back on something, we know that. At this point, his gaze shifts away from Bilbo (who's talking to him) and off into the distance. He's not really listening. The dragon sickness is getting him. NOOOO!!! *tears well up in my eyes*

        Oh my wordy. It's happened. Fire. Destruction. Death. Everywhere. *fights tears back*

        Bard. No one listened to him, and now he's seeing his home destroyed. He doesn't want what happened to his grandfather to happen to him.

You brought upon them only ruin and death. - Bard

        He knows it's true. He knows it was wrong, but the mountain is his once again and he is not looking back.

        The company of Thorin Oakenshield. They accomplished what they set out to do, but also what they did not want to do. They are looking to Thorin for instruction, but can see that he is cracking. *face contorts and squeezes eyes shut*

You've won the mountain, is that not enough? - Bilbo

        *tears spill over* This was their home. What they dreamed for. What they journeyed from the ends of Middle Earth for. What they fought for. What they ran for. What they will die for. And it's all coming crashing down. The statues of the dwarf lords are gone. I think Thorin begins to realize that their quest was, after all, in vain. But he doesn't want to admit it, even to himself.

        Not quite sure about this. I'm pretty sure it's Dale (can't be Laketown), but why is there light coming from it? Did the people come from Laketown to Dale to flee from Smaug?

Now, we defend it. - Thorin

        Hey, Thranduil's here, and Bard too. They're assembling for battle.

        The great King Under the Mountain. I wish they would put Fili closer to Thorin since he is the heir to the throne rather than Kili. But there's so much extra stuff about Kili, so they make him more important. 

        We've seen this shot before.

I came to reclaim something of mine. - Thranduil

        Does he mean the Arkenstone? Ugh, don't fight against the Dwarves, please! And Thorin, be sensible! Don't give in to the dragon sickness!!! You are not your grandfather!

        This December. Is it that time already? I've waited so long for this, and yet after, it will be over. It's our last trip to Middle Earth. NOOOO!!!! *crying*

This was the last move in a master plan. A plan long in the making. - Gandalf

        A master plan by Sauron/the Necromancer? Azog? Who? And all of those orcs and goblins... The dwarves have no chance. They'll be smushed!

         Where are they going in to? Is it the Lonely Mountain? There's fire down there, but the dragon left... I know they're not putting in here *SPOILER* that Smaug gets killed *SPOILER ENDS* for that exact reason, but I'm wondering at what point in this whole sequence that happens.

        Legolas and Tauriel hiding from what looks like Saruman's crows.

         I took extra screencaps of this place because I have no idea where it is! I ran through a bunch of places in my mind and I can't think of where it might be.

These bats are bred for one purpose - for war. - Legolas

        So apparently these are bats, not crows. And Legolas's face looks really good here - not as fake as in DOS.

        Why are Gandalf and Galadriel here? And are those statues or armored soldiers around them? WAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIT. Are those the ringwraiths? Guys! There are NINE.


        Elrond looking smashing in fabulous armor.

Leave Sauron to me. - Saruman        

        Yup, that's Sauron all right.

        Hopefully most people have made the connection by now.

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3! I took 90 screencaps, so be warned.


  1. MEEEP.
    THIS IS SO EXCITING, RIGHT?!?!?! I LOST IT as soon as the music began to playyyy.
    And you are AWESOME, girl. Ninety screencaps?? I'm looking forward to the next two parts!! I've been wanting to analyze this trailer since I first watched it, but I'm afraid I don't have the patience to do it. :P Kudos to you!

  2. And cue Adi crying and whimpering again.
    Ugh, each time you said last movie or last trailer I think my heart broke even more. >_<
    I liked reading your analysis though; I'm curious about your thoughts on the second part. =)

  3. O_O
    Where do I even begin? This trailer was AMAZINGLY MAJESTIC! Can I just say THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When the words, "This December" appear, I squealed so loud I think I brought back the deadO_o The music was so EPIC at that part=D
    Oh, also that red tower place, my sister thinks that it's Mordor. I thought that it might be Minas Morgul, but I don't see where M.M. would fit into this movie. RINGWRAITHS! OH-YEA! *slightly creepy* Oh, no what if Gandalf dies? *snorts* Ooo, Sauron in human form*mmm*