Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Battle of the Five Armies Trailer Breakdown - Part Three

        The third and final installment in the Trailer Breakdown series for the third and final installment in the Hobbit trilogy!

        Now when I watched the trailer the first time, I didn't really catch much of the last part because, well, I was crying big time, but there is a lot of mystery in these last 25 (?) screencaps. If y'all have any ideas or opinions please comment and let me know - I'm still trying to process the awesomeness. I mean, talk about defining moment! This is the climax of like, five years! Ever since we all found out there were going to be Hobbit movies. And in no way am I ready for this.

        No idea who this is. He's got either a sword or a bow in his hand, but that doesn't narrow it down much. This is a gorgeous place, though, but then again I'm not sure that matters a whole lot at this point.

        Nasty goblin creature. 

        I see Bilbo and Dwalin, but I'm confused as to where this is. Is it in the ruins of Dale? I know we've seen a lot of behind the scenes footage of Thranduil fighting in Dale, but does the majority of the battle take place there? If not, this could be near Erebor, as in the next picture you can see a lot of rocks.

        Here we have Thorin jumping down to fight a big orc...

        ... And it doesn't appear to be going too well for him. I seriously doubt this is where he dies, but he is getting thrown against a rock. That would result in some legitimate injury. My baby is going to die and I cannot keep calm!!! THORIN NOOOOOOOO!!!! 

        Legend? This stuff is history, not a simple myth.

        Imagine looking out at the world, and seeing only the destruction and death you yourself have caused. I think that is what is running through the dwarves' heads right now, and how heartbreaking that must be. Not only that they have failed to get the Arkenstone (not sure if Thranduil has it yet), but they have unleashed a wave of fire and death into the world.

        Bard with his black arrow, still hanging off the edge of a house. 

        Tauriel. I think she actually looks quite pretty in this part. Very sad.

        MY GOODNESS.

        Now the reason I took so many screencaps of Tauriel getting thrown against a rock by Bolg is that I'm trying to determine whether this is where Tauriel dies. It has been my opinion ever since I knew there was such a character that she would die in the third movie, and I believe Evangeline Lilly even said that Tauriel "has a tragic ending".

        It does really seem as though this is where she dies, although I'm not sure why they would put that in the trailer. 

You have but one question to answer. How shall this day end? - Gandalf

        Legolas looks fake again fighting this orc. Oh well, I had high hopes.

        Apparently this part of Laketown didn't get burned? I thought it all did. Do you suppose this is from before? 


        Thorin is still alive here, and battling with Azog. Now since Azog isn't in the book (only in the LOTR appendices), we don't know if Thorin ends up killing Azog. I'm saying yes, because revenge and bitter victory and everything else that makes a good movie, but does Thorin defeat Azog as he's *sob* dying, or does he die in some other way?

         Bofur and others rushing at the orcs (and no, spell check, I did not mean bourbon).

        Is this Thorin again?

         I couldn't get a picture right as Bilbo disappears, but I think it only fitting that they should end the trailer with the ring. 

        #OneLastTime? Did they have to do that to me? *wailing* And stunned silence reigns.

        So congrats if you made it through all 90 screencaps! And my ramblings and sobbing too, of course. Are you as excited about this as I am? Also, if you want any of the screencaps in better quality than you can copy off my blog (feel free to do that as well, though), email me and I'll send them to you. You can leave your email address in a comment and I won't publish it if you don't want me to. Let me know which ones you want (and also tell me not to publish it if you want - if you don't let me know otherwise I'll just go ahead and post it). 



  1. Eeeeeeep so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this series of posts! I may have to do something similar on Heirs of Durin or something!

    *faints from fangirling*

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

  3. In the second screencap of the figure standing in the snow, I'm pretty sure that is Thorin facing off Agog. You can see him in the third screencap to the very left. At least I imagine that's Agog;) The part when Thorin get's smashed against the wall and the music at the middle earth legendO_O*faints* I think Tauriel is laying of Legolas. I looked up what Legolas's boots look like and it's definitely not Kili. I like Tauriel but the brothers need to die together. Even though I like Tauriel, I wouldn't mind if she died. I do remember Evangeline Lilly saying that say had a tragic ending.

  4. Alright, here's what I think happens with Tauriel and Legolas. So Legolas leaves Laketown, as was shown in DOS. Then Tauriel, helps the dwarves escape Laketown, as was shown in a TV spot. Then, as shown in your screencap of the white horse riding though the Laketown people, I think Legolas returns for Tauriel and he and she go off after Bolg. I think they fight him in Dur Gulder. I think that maybe Tauriel dies protecting Legolas and Legolas tries to save her but she dies.