Friday, May 1, 2015

Wanted: New Ship

        Guys, my ship sank today. My OTP, the only couple I really shipped with a passion. I do have some other ships, but they're canon so that doesn't really count. MY SHIP IS GONE. Just like that. One movie, and there's nothing left. All the hints and suggestions, the implied backstory and relationship, all is lost. The funny thing is, I don't really care. (SPOILERS BELOW)

        Yes, I'm talking about the Avengers: Age of Ultron. I went and saw it today with some of my friends for my birthday - the first time I've gone to see a movie on opening day. More on that later, though, when I get around to doing a full review. Right now, I'm surprised, shocked (yes, there is a difference), completely fangirling, and a bit traumatized. What's new in the fandom life, right? 
        Yes, I'm talking about Clintasha. Peoples, MY SHIP!!!!! I shipped them so hard. Ask my friends; they can attest to my obsession. Anywho, I went into the movie not really sure what was going on with Natasha's relationship(s) - whether it was going to end up Clintasha, or Banneroff *shudders*. I never bought into the whole Steve thing. He's still in love with Peggy Carter. I as fully expecting my ship to become canon, especially when they kept up the hinting. All these moments with Natasha taking care of Clint when he got shot, and then Clint taking care of Natasha after her mind was manipulated by Scarlet Witch. I mean, he was helping her walk up the stairs to the farmhouse and holding her... I just leaned over to my cousin and whispered Clintasha.
        But back to the farmhouse stairs - the farmhouse. Yeeeeaaaaahh. That was when my ship disintegrated. CLINT HAS A FAMILY! A WIFE AND TWO KIDS AND SHE'S PREGNANT AND I JUST CAN'T. So much adorableness. Clint Barton is an amazing man.
        Suddenly, everything makes sense. I no longer see the scenes that made me ship Clintasha so hard in the same way. They are the best of friends, and I don't like saying 'just friends', but that's what it is. The fact that his darling kids know all about 'Auntie Nat' just melted my heart. It all melted my heart. I love Hawkeye so much more than I ever thought was possible, because he has a family. You see a different, gentle, loyal, hardworking side to him with them. It also explains why children are always so important to him. I already fangirled more than I should have over him pulling the kids out of the bus in Avengers 1 (and him saving Castel in this one *sobs at he thought of how it ended*), but now it's just over the top. So many squeals have been squealed today.

        It's strange - I can't really even think about Clintasha anymore. I didn't know it was even possible to stop shipping people that suddenly, but I did it. I just have a thing for families in general. :) I hate to say it, but it also makes me not hate Banneroff as much. I am NOT saying I ship it - I certainly don't - but I don't want to slap them anymore. Because it wasn't Natasha I really loved, it was Clint. I just disliked any other ship because it would mean Natasha leaving Clint, and I hated that thought.

        Oh, and that ranch? And farmhouse and barn and tractor and everything? Farm envy to the max. It's gorgeous. Just the right blend of hills and plains and trees; an all around gorgeous place. 
        It's still a bit weird thinking about it. I don't have an OTP anymore, but I guess I can fangirl over Mr. and Mrs. Barton and their little ones. They're definitely cute enough. :) And I definitely need to see this movie again. 



  1. AMEN! I agree with everything you just said:) I didn't think it was possible to not ship them. Me and my friend in the theater were just waiting for a moment for Clint to save Natasha but it never really happened. And then when he went home and was walking towards his wife I was thinking, "Oh, great, he has a girlfriend." then his kids ran to him and my face was like O_O...then I was like XD," He's married!" Him and his wife are SOOOOOO ADORABLE!

  2. How can you detail my thought process so well? :) The only difference is that while I have shipped Clintasha since Avengers 1, lately they haven't been as much on my mental radar as other ships, so I wasn't as shocked at Clintasha being sunk. But everything else, to a T. :)