Friday, May 1, 2015

Dear Reyna...

         I wrote this post a year ago, using Anne-girl's idea. It is from me in 2014 to me in 2015.

       Dear Reyna of next year, how are you? Who are you? This is your year-younger self. I just turned fifteen last week - what is it like being sixteen? Now I'm as old as Lydia when she ran away with Mr. Wickham; what is it like being Liesl's age (well, not quite going on seventeen yet, I suppose)? Have you gotten excited about driving yet? I certainly haven't. 
        How was your first semester full time at the junior college? I am just finishing up my first class there, and the finals project is building a box kite. Do you remember that? Do you still have it? Are you still working at the bakery? How many shop samples have you knitted for the yarn store down the street? Are you still teaching piano lessons to the granddaughter of the man with the apple tree? What songs is she playing now? What songs are you playing now? Did you ever master 'Test Drive' from HTTYD? What are you going to play for the recital? Do you still play your brother's guitar when he's not home? What about your fiddle?
        Dear Reyna of 2015, what do you like now? Do you still think Tom Hiddleston is the noblest man alive? Do you still love Tolkien (I know that is a very silly question, but I'm curious)? How was the third Hobbit movie? Did you cry? Have you gotten over the sadness yet? Have you read all of 'Sherlock Holmes' again? If not, it's about time.
        How many skirts do you own now? Have you sewn a corset yet? Have your boots worn out? I hope not. How long is your hair? How do you wear it most days? Still up in a bun? 
        Do you have your hunting license? You'll need a fishing license too now. Did you buy a bow yet, or are you still procrastinating? Are you having fun milking Eponine every morning? How many babies did she have? Do you have angora rabbits yet? Do you still want to live in Tennessee? 
        I don't know who I'm talking to now. Are you different? Do you look back at me with a bit of embarrassment? Does my writing seem immature to you? How about that drawing of Eponine that I'm so proud of? Have you finished your first book? How many people do you write letters to on a regular basis? I'm at five now.
        Just saying, I look up to you. What you have done (and I don't know quite what it all is) makes me proud. Love from your younger self...



  1. Interesting idea! Will you write a reply to your younger self, answering all her questions?

    1. Heh. Yes - I just haven't had time yet.:)