Sunday, May 31, 2015

Things I Liked About Age Of Ultron

        I love this movie so much. I saw it once when it came out on my birthday, and again on Thursday evening. It was the first time I saw a movie the day it premiered, and the first time I saw a movie more than once in theaters. Also the first time I saw a Marvel movie in theaters. It was pretty special, and the fact that it was so wonderful made it even more so. 

        I'm not going to do a full review because I don't have time right now - rather I'm just going to talk about several things that I really liked. That's the best part, anyway. Let the fangirling commence. Oh, and spoilers ahead.
        The movie starts out with the Avengers attacking a Hydra with the intention of retrieving Loki's scepter. Usually I don't really like when movies start out with a big fight scene, but the way they did this one made it seem more like they were just catching us up on that the Avengers were still a team after all this time. A big plus is that it's a really cool fight scene as well. There's Cap on a motorcycle (and hurling it into a Hydra jeep when he has no further need for it :P), Hawkeye with his new suit and bow and arrows, Natasha's amazing Black Widow skills, and everyone else being over all very awesome as well. It was definitely a 'welcome back' moment. 

        Next come the twins. I love them so much. Precious babies. As well as being really cool superheroes, their characters were great as well. I loved how Pietro totally took on the big brother role (even though he's only twelve minutes older), and their relationship was absolutely adorable. I also really liked how it was made clear that they had good intentions throughout the film, even when they were still working for Hydra and Ultron. Right away when Wanda looked into the Vision's mind and saw Ultron's true intentions, she left. They were trying to do the right thing all along.

        Pietro is a darling. He's so wonderful. He's funny - his sass is to die for. His accent is also adorable. And he loves his sister an awful lot. And I'm sorry, but...

        About Wanda. I know a lot of people are upset that she wasn't completely tough and don't-need-no-man. I personally find it weird that it's perfectly acceptable to have weak and wimpy male characters, but as soon as a weak female character appears people take it as an attack on women. Not at all to say that Wanda is a weak character - I don't agree with people who think that. And I thought that her vulnerability and fear, and then her finding her courage and joining the Avengers in the final battle was great. And THIS.

        Which brings me to my favorite thing in this movie. Clint's family and his amazing ranch are my favorite. My FAVORITE, get it? Since I saw the movie the second time, I noticed even more details, and fangirled even more. Like did you see the straw bale archery target in the barn?!?! I died of fangirling. I was paying super close attention to those parts because I'm writing fanfiction and needed extra information, and even after I'm done I know I will watch that part over and over once I get the DVD. Laura is such an amazing wife. I love how she payed so much attention to everything that went on between the rest of the team and was encouraging and supportive of Clint's avenging. They were just all around adorable together. And I kind of flapped my hands and squealed when she said, "I can feel the difference" because that's just so perfect.I'm just going to put a bunch of pictures here for you to fangirl with me over.
        I thought the caption on Pinterest for this one was perfect: This moment though. I was worried Natasha didn't know about Clint's family, but of course she did. There was no animosity between Laura and Nat, and that just proves how perfect platonic Clintasha is. 

        The kids were beyond cute as well. It was so precious when Lila drew the picture for her 'Auntie Nat', and when Thor stepped on the lego and then kicked it under the couch I giggled. Out loud.I regret nothing.
        The last thing I think I'll mention is Vision. Because THE THING.

         He was such an unusual character and I'm glad we'll get to see more of him (I'm guessing that's guaranteed because of the mindstone). It was interesting how his uncorrupted artificial intelligence was contrasted with Ultron's derranged ideas to show humans as they really are. Of course, there was no Christian worldview involved, but the movie emphasized man's complete and utter inability to save himself, yet the value of life was, at the same time, stressed. AND VISION HAD SASS TOO!!!

        Okay, I know I said that would be the last thing, but I was looking through my pictures and found this and I just have to put it here. So many feels.

         Oops, there's more I have to say. Just some lines that I loved. :)

Please be a secret door, please be a secret door... Yay! - Tony Stark

My appointments are too hectic, unfortunately. (pauses) Will Thor be there? - Helen Cho

I'm glad you asked, because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan. - Ultron

Well, you amazingly failed. - Natasha

You did not see that coming? - Pietro

        That's all I can think of for now, and I want to get this published. Comment and tell me what you thought of Age of Ultron!



  1. It was my first experience seeing a Marvel movie in theaters, too! I basically agree with everything you said here, haha. Vision's comment about "I am" and the underlying humanism of his philosophy were really the only things that bothered me about the movie--and yet at the same time I LOVED VISION. He's determined to protect life and that's wonderful to see in our current culture of death. And he has SASS. Of course he does...he's basically JARVIS!

    1. Vision's sass was hilarious, I agree. I didn't think I could love Jarvis any more, but now I do. Yes, I could have done without the strange and irreverent Biblical references. Other than that, though, it was amazing!

  2. I am going to see this a second time this weekend finally, and plan to do a whole big review once I've seen it again, but basically... yes to everything you said here.

    Also, Ultron's "evil plan" line is pure Joss Whedon sassy brilliance. I loved so many lines in this movie -- cannot wait to see it again!

  3. (Also, you're writing fanfic? Sweet! Will you share somewhere eventually???)

    1. Yeah, it's my first attempt at this sort of writing, but it's super fun so far! If I ever find time to finish it all the way, yes, I'll probably share it. :)

  4. Hi Reyna! I tagged you over on my blog....

    Join in if you want! ;-)