Wednesday, May 27, 2015

10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag

        Heidi from Along The Brandywine tagged me a few days ago for the 10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag, and I'm so excited to do this! (Also slightly concerned about figuring out my favorites, but I'll figure it out.) 
        I know several of you have tagged me for various things in the past month or so, and I am honored and will finish the drafts up and post them as soon as possible - I just needed something quick to throw together and post. That's why this one is taking priority. Now don't throw anything at me, but I'll admit that even before I was tagged for this I planned on doing it anyway, just because it looked so fun! It is quite handy that I don't have to steal it now, though. :) Here goes (these aren't in any particular order of importance because that would have taken way to long and probably would have made my head explode):

Molly Gibson (Wives and Daughters)

        Molly is probably the screen character that I identify most with (although I'm not nearly as wonderful as she is). She's the good girl of the story; quiet yet friendly, intelligent, kind, and willing to do anything for those she loves.

Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

        I never thought I could like Bilbo Baggins this much. Martin Freeman (who I'm convinced is a hobbit himself) portrayed this character perfectly, and his facial expressions are to die for. Bilbo is a home-body, yet he ends up enjoying his adventure and becoming a better person - err, hobbit - from it. He's funny and beyond cute, yet isn't wimpy at all. He has brains and courage, and I love his part in the story.

Steve Rogers (Captain America 1 & 2, The Avengers 1 & 2)

         Because obvious reasons. He has manners. He has morals. He wears smart 40s army uniforms. He believes there's only one God, Ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that.

Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables & Sequel)

        Oh, Gilbert. He's an adorable tease, a loyal and caring friend, and knows when Anne needs to be pulled down out of the clouds for a reality check. And he doesn't give up. 

Ivy Walker (The Village)

        I know many of you probably haven't seen this movie, but it's really good (and it's on YouTube). For those of you that don't know, Ivy is blind, yet she has great intuition, wisdom, and courage in spite of her disability. I don't want to give too much away - it's a movie that's best unspoiled - but when someone she loves is in danger, she doesn't hesitate to risk everything to save them.

Mr. Knightley (Emma 2009)

        Another one of those characters that's just good. I love his and Emma’s relationship all throughout the movie – how he loves her so much yet doesn’t pamper her and gives her a good scolding when she needs it.:)

Miss Matty Jenkins (Cranford & Return to Cranford)

        Miss Matty is one one cute old lady. Amidst the bustle and gossip of Cranford, she is quick to forgive and benevolent to those who need help. My cow is named after her (and after he servant's baby who is named after her :P).

William Buxton (Return to Cranford)

        Yeah... This was the first movie I saw Tom Hiddleston in, and the one I like him best in. William Buxton has had everything he wants all his life, yet he isn't spoiled by it. When his father forbids him (for selfish reasons) from marrying the girl he loves, he give up his comfortable living and finds work elsewhere. He's not above getting his hands dirty, yet that doesn't roughen his manners or his morals. He has such a sweet romance with little Peggy Bell, and treats her like a real lady. Also, CURLS.

Minnie Mude (Lark Rise to Candleford)

        Minnie is the funniest character on this show. She isn't in Season 1, and I don't watch those episodes nearly as much as the others for that reason. Minnie is the maid at the post office, taken in by Dorcas Lane for reasons later revealed (I won't say anything for those who haven't seen it), and is probably the worst person for the job. She's clumsy and has her head in the clouds most of the time, isn't very tactful, nor the brightest girl out there, yet she has a kind heart and her escapades make for some good laughs. (Also, Alfie!)

Clint Barton (The Avengers 1 & 2)

        I couldn't not put Clint on here. Because his family and his farm and he's just the most perfectest superhero ever. The end. I won't go on and on, but if you do want to hear my ravings on this topic read THIS.

        Okay, that's it! I managed to do this all in one sitting without too many interruptions, which is a plus (and the reason this is getting posted now). Most of the people whom I would have tagged have already done this, so I'm just going to leave it open to anyone who wants to do it! Comment with your thoughts or let me know if you do a post of your own!



  1. Great list, Reyna! I love Molly Gibson-- she's such a darling doll. ;-)
    Even though I don't care for The Village, I DID really like Ivy. She's so strong and courageous, sweet and saucy. ;-)


  2. I'm laughing about your intro and so happy to oblige! ;)

    I so enjoyed your selections. I've seen exactly half of them (Molly, Gilbert, Mr. Knightley, Miss Matty, and William :)) and emphatically agree! ;D

  3. I've seen 6 of these :-) And they all rock! Cap, Hawk, Gilbert, and Bilbo are all dear to me. I've only seen The Village once, but Ivy was so intrepid and loving! And I just watched the first ep of Cranford last night, for the first time -- Miss Matty is already a favorite there for me :-)