Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ain't We Got Fun Review

        Peeps, it's out! This lovely book (which I had the privilege of reading before it was officially released), is now available for sale! You've probably seen the cover already, but here it is again in all its glory. I just love those polka dots and the vintage suitcase. :)

           About the book:

        It was never much of an issue for Bess: living contentedly on her family's farm, despite the Depression which loomed around them. But when her older sister Georgiana takes off to New York City to make a fortune and help Papa out, feelings of adventure and wanderlust strike Bess at home. Through their lively letter correspondence, the sisters recount to one another their adventures, surprises, and heartaches, leaving little room for depression. For in a world of such wonder, ain't we got fun?

          And about the authors:

EMILY ANN PUTZKE and Gi Rowland have two big things in common: their love for God and coffee. Besides writing historical fiction, Emily enjoys being an aunty, photography, Irish dancing, spending time with family, attempting to play the guitar, reenacting, and reading. She loves polka dots, war movies, and all things vintage. Her first novella, It Took A War, was published in December of 2014. You can learn more about Emily Ann Putzke and her books at http://www.authoremilyannputzke.com/ and www.facebook.com/authoremilyannputzke

EMILY CHAPMAN, also known as Bess Rowland, is a young hobbit living in the dear old South, and she is entirely bonkers. She's a dreamer, and optimistic pessimist, and an introverted people person. Blue skies, dancing, Disney, and whipped cream make her happy, and she swears she's once been to Narnia. She's been a reader all her life, became a writer because of that, and published her first novel, Cry Of Hope, in March of 2014. But without her Savior, this would been nothing. It is in Him that she puts her hope. You can learn more about Emily Chapman and her books at http://www.emilychapmanauthor.com/ and www.facebook.com/emilychapmanauthor.

Okay, on to my thoughts. It's very simple, actually. I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. The end.

        Just kidding, I have more to say. But it really is wonderful - I can't think of a single thing I disliked about it. It's one of those books that makes you feel all warm and happy inside, yet is not at all lacking in serious elements of sickness, family issues, and a bit of danger as well (very mild; nothing scary). The thing I really loved was the writing style. The authors' writing styles were distinguishable from each other's just enough to make it really seem like two sisters writing to each other, yet the story still had a nice flow. Also, it felt real! I was completely engrossed in the lives of these two girls living during the economic depression of the 30s. It felt like I was in crowded, loud New York with Gi one moment, drinking coffee, cleaning fishy dishes, and trying to avoid a certain journalist, and then back home on the farm with Bess, Donny, and Tom the next. The characters were relatable and everything was time-period-accurate. Although historical fiction is my favorite genre, inaccuracy is something that often throws me off, and this had none. This book made me laugh, worry, sigh contentedly, and yes, fangirl a lot a bit too. 
        Content-wise, there is nothing yucky in this book. The romance is mild and very sweet; no unnecessary mushy-ness or impropriety. There was no language that bothered me - nothing I wouldn't put on my own blog or other writing. A few 'course' words that parents probably tell their four-year-olds not to say (such as stupid and the like), but nothing that bothered me in the least. That's what I love about books by Christian authors! That being said, I would recommend this book for ages 10+. Most young girls probably won't get the full benefit until they're 12 or so, but if they're anything like I was at that age, they'll love it anyway, and read it over and over again, loving it more each time!

You can purchase Ain't We Got Fun through:

Amazon (Paperback)
Amazon (Kindle)
Createspace (Paperback)
Smashwords (Ebook)

        The authors are also hosting a giveaway! Included are an autographed copy of Ain't We Got Fun, Bess' flower headband, Little Women (Puffin in Bloom edition), Bess' peppermint sticks, Gi's finest coffee blend, and Gi's ice skate necklace.

Giveaway (only open to people in the U.S.)

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I'm not sure if this widget thingy is going to work - if it doesn't, you can head over here or to either of the authors' websites. 



  1. This story looks beautifully intriguing!

    And Reyna, just to let you know, I've tagged you with the 10 Favorite Film Characters Tag here: http://ladyofanorien.blogspot.com/2015/05/100th-post-and-10-favorite-film.html.

    Do have fun and I'd love to see your answers! :)

  2. well, I first heard of the book here :) It looks pretty good although Great Depression is a few years out of my interest range. I'm a 1812-1912 person myself :)

  3. Very cool! I'm disturbingly behind on my blog-reading, so missed the giveaway, but I'm intrigued by this book and have added it to my Amazon wish list :-)