Monday, July 6, 2015

New Additions! Meet Stockton & Hazel

        Just popping in so you can say hello to my two new babies! My dear friend from Maine is coming for a visit on Thursday so I'm rather bogged down with preparations, but I want to get some posts done before she comes and show off my new lovely friends. When you haven't seen one of your bestest friends in the whole world for a year it's not exactly easy to take a break for blogging. ;)

        Hazel (a French Angora) is the late half of my birthday present. She was too young to take home when I got Quicksilver, but we went to get her today. She's absolutely gorgeous!

        What? Me, silly? Naaaah.

        Stockton is a three month old Nigerian Dwarf. Lord willing, he'll breed Eponine this fall so we can have spring babies and milk (again). I got him a couple weeks ago and he wasn't real well taken care of where he came from. He's pretty undersize so I'm fattening him up. :P Sorry these pictures aren't great. If I get too close to him he thinks I'm coming to snuggle him and jumps in my lap.



  1. Oh my buttercups. THE RABBIT. I'm in love. She is so adorable!

    Also, I love it that you named your goat Eponine. :)

    1. Yes, she's pretty cute! And just think, there will be baby bunnies in a while!
      Hehe, I always appreciate the educated people who actually understand where that name came from. :) One time when I was walking Eponine we met some people who had a cat by the same name!

    2. BABY BUNNIES. Baby bunnies are, like, my favorite thing in all the world. We bred one of our rabbits last year, but she didn't end up having babies. :( I'm aching to have some tiny bunnies to hold!!!!

      I actually know someone who knows someone who named their daughter Eponine. Pretty awesome, I thought. :-)

  2. That bunny like Emma said She's SO adorable and SO cute and oh mygosh I have a thing for Rabbits and and and *sighs happily*

  3. Both so cute! We have wild bunnies here, sweet little brown things that come nibble the clover in our lawn :-) We love to watch them!

  4. Hazel is a doll! A complete, fwuffy, adorable ball! <3 And I love the name Stockton, not that I'm partial to it or anything! ;) He is a cutie patootie to be sure and will provide some lovely babies come spring!
    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen