Friday, July 31, 2015

My Favorite Movie Wardrobes

        Most people in the period drama (or other movie) blogging world have done some sort of a post like this, so as I'm a costume nut as well as a fangirl I thought I'd give it a go. As much as I'd like to share every single glorious dress from each character, I'll limit myself so that this post will take less than two hours to load. You're welcome. ;) Okay, here we go (these are not in any particular order):

Anne Shirley
        Of course. I especially love her dresses in the sequel. They're so elegant, yet pretty simple (for Edwardian times) and serviceable. I would wear most of her outfits.

Vera Brittain

        It seems like all of a sudden, all of my period drama blogging friends watched this movie about a month ago. I confess, I jumped on that bandwagon as well, and loved the movie. Of course, the clothes were especially splendid.

Margaret Hale

        As well as being one of my favorite literary and screen characters, Margaret has some lovely dresses. From the crinoline era, her wardrobe is my favorite.

Molly Gibson

        Molly is another one of my favorite literary/movie characters, and her wardrobe in the movie is a breath of fresh air amidst the outlandish dresses of her stepmother and stepsister. They are simple and elegant (my style :P). I especially like the blue jumper in the top left corner.

Peggy Carter

        Who would have thought that I'd have someone from a superhero movie in here?! :) In The First Avenger, Peggy wears mostly army uniforms, which I really like (they are flattering and feminine and very smart), and we also get to see some lovely dresses of hers in Agent Carter.

Emma Woodhouse (2009)

        This is probably my favorite Regency wardrobe. Emma's clothes are pretty as well as modest, and I would wear most of her dresses. They're a bit bright, but oh so gorgeous!

        That's all for today! What are some of your favorite movie costumes/wardrobes?



  1. Lovely, lovely list, Reyna! :)

    Almost every time my mom and I watch Anne of Avonlea together, she remarks on how beautifully women dressed back then, and I agree with her;D Anne's, especially, are lovely. I also quite like Diana's:)

    I haven't seen Testament of Youth yet…debating putting myself through the pain…but the costumes are WOW. Like, wow wow.

    Yes! Margaret has a very sophisticated wardrobe…mature and practical:)

    MOLLY! I love Molly dearly:) And I also really love that blue jumper! That's probably the one I would most like to wear--it looks so comfy, yet also pretty.

    I haven't watched Agent Carter, and I don't remember that much of Peggy's wardrobe from The First Avenger, but they do look very chic and awesome!

    And Emma's dresses are lovely, too:D

    Great list, again!



    I do beg your pardon, I'm just a huge costumes-fan, so this pleases me muchly. First, yes. Anne's dresses. JUST YES. I love them. (Especially that light brown outfit is to diiiieee for.)

    OH YES VERA'S DRESSES. I fell in love with them toooo. (Especially the pink one with the lace, oh my gosh.)

    I've never been a that big of a fan of Margaret's Wardrobe, but now you say it - yes, her dresses are very gorgeous.

    I haven't seen the Peggy Carter-movie, but if I would I would watch it mainly for the costumes. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. I love 40's dresses soooo much.

    AND EMMA'S DRESSES. I agree - that's my favourite Regency wardrobe as well.

    I also loooove Lady Mary and Lady Rose's wardrobes (from Downton Abbey) and Scarlett O'hara's wardrobe from GWTW. Oh, and Elizabeth Bennet's always makes me rather happy.

    Great post! :-)

    ~ Naomi

  3. What a lovely costume post, dearie!! So very lovely indeed! And Oh. My Goodness!!! Vera Brittain...I've never, ever, ever heard of it..but I wanna see it! I recognize one of the actors favorite actors too!!
    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

  4. I loved Peggy Carter's costumes in the mini-series. And Margaret Hale's dresses are simply to die for.