Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Farm

        Now, don't get me wrong, it's not an actual farm. But it's as close as we can get for the time being, so we make the most of what we have. Here are some pictures of around, starting with our inside animals and such:

The girls, Cookie (front) and Felicity (back)


And Felicity. This is when she was a lot younger. Isn't she adorable!

Then we have my mom's breeding tank of tilapia, which are actually the only ones left. Sorry for the bad pictures:

        Now moving to outside. We had eight chickens, but sent two to live at my Grammy's house so she could try out the whole poultry thing. Now we have Lavender, Chamomile (Millie), Larkspur, Willow, and the Terra Cotta twins (as we call the red sex-links), Honey and Sorghum. Here are some pictures:







        Then we have my baby goatling, Eponine. She is a purebred registered Nigerian Dwarf, and she is beautiful and cute and silly and many other wonderful things. I bought her when she was five days old and she is quite a character now at seven months.  When she is a few months older we will breed her and then she will have baby goatlings! In case you were wondering, they are not actually called goatlings, but kids. We just call them goatlings because it is cute.


        We also have (or I have) two rescued pigeons. Actually one is a wedding dove that got lost on her way home, but they are both Columba Livia.


And Tendu (pronounced ton-doo):

        We also have a garden (of course), but we just had three days of frost and it's not doing so great. I'll post pictures later, I promise. That means in a couple of months when stuff is growing again.

         In the side yard we have the outdoor tilapia aquaponics system. my mom built this whole thing about a year ago. It even has a large-ish storage shed under the grow bed. I think there are a few cabbages and broccolis in the grow bed right now.

        Our farm is always growing in one way or another, not in boundary or square feet, but in other ways. Oh, and our neighbors goat Lily is going to be kidding, Lord willing, in mid to late January! So exiting! And if you want to see an amazing farm and family blog, I advise checking out The Shannons are amazing people, and their blog is a delight!

        I'll most likely elaborate on most of the things you saw later, so there will be more details.


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