Friday, December 27, 2013

The Hobbit (with some Christmas thrown in)

        Every year, we open immediate family presents on Christmas, before our guests come. I had known that my brother's present was a DVD because of the shape and size, although I didn't know which movie, and I had no idea what mine was. At first glance. it looked like two DVDs on top of each other, but I had picked it up (yes, I am a snoop), and it was clearly not more than one piece. So I was stumped. Christmas evening, when my dad got home from work, we sat down to unwrap our presents. My brother got Monsters University, a movie that we had all been wanting to see since we like Monsters, Inc so much. I started to open mine, not expecting a movie, and guess what I saw? This:

        Yes, my very own. And the extended edition! I think I squealed. Or screamed. Or something of the sort. I don't exactly remember. But I was very exited. We saw this last year when it came out in theaters, and although I didn't care for it a whole lot, I was glad to have the DVD. Because that means that next year, most likely, I will get the Desolation of Smaug, and the year after that, There and Back Again. I have high hopes that the next two will be better. Not as good as the original LoTR trilogy, of course - I don't think anything could equal that - but still better. Which brings me to the things that I didn't like so well about An Unexpected Journey (and the things I did like). I am going to put some pictures in from the web; I do not own any of the following photographs.
        First of all, the movie seemed to drag a bit. I guess that is what comes from splitting one book into three movies. It seemed to me that they only had so much actual story that they had to add on to the battle and action scenes to fill up the 182 minutes of film time. It also seemed like the part with the trolls, which were gross, dragged on forever. It was packed with action, but it dragged. I am not the sort of person who likes long battle scenes. That may not seem like a lot to complain about, but it was throughout the entire movie. Okay, things that I did like (very well indeed).
        Martin Freeman. He was born to be a hobbit. That is a very good thing and I am totally serious. His acting was flawless and was just like I always imagined Bilbo to be. He was so proper, so huffy when the dwarves were pillaging him pantry, and I loved to see his Took side come out. I mean, look at him, really:

         Gandalf was back, of course! I really like Gandalf, partially because of Chauvelin in the Scarlet Pimpernel, and partially because, well, I like Gandalf. Ian McKellan looked older, I thought, but Elrond and Galadriel hardly seemed to have aged. Well actually, I suppose they didn't age, just the actors. It was nice to see a different side to those two, and I enjoyed their scenes immensely.

        Another one I really liked was Thorin. And this was completely because of Mr. Thornton from North and South. He played the part of the dwarf prince so well - a complete contrast between the two movies I have seen Richard Armitage in:

         Yup, he was good. I can't help saying that I like Mr. Thornton better though. Anyway, I liked the dwarves. Most of them were really funny, and I wasn't upset about the part where they're at Bag End taking twenty minutes. I loved their singing!!! I am planning to buy the soundtrack, and hopefully those songs are included.
        There were a few things that were added, which I wasn't a big fan of (such as Azog the pale orc), and I thought the goblin king was pretty gross too. I never find myself liking a movie unless it has good music, and I loved the music from this one. I had been worried that they would just take the themes from LoTR and tweak them a little, but I need not have worried. There was a lot of originality in the soundtrack, and I ended up really enjoying the twists on the old themes. 
        So yes, I really liked An Unexpected Journey. It dragged a bit, yes, and the battles were a little prolonged, but I liked it. The ending was fantastic, and ohmygoodnessthedragoneye! We are doing a re-watch before seeing the Desolation of Smaug tomorrow! *MAJOR EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!* I am looking forward to Bard the Bowman. I am not sure what I think about the addition of Tauriel and Legolas, though, so I will have to see. Well, I know I will not end up complaining about this elf, no sir, not by a long shot: 

        Not bad for a pointy eared elvish princeling... 



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