Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Leather Boots

        I had been wanting leather boots for a while; not fancy ones to wear with nice clothes, but tough, durable ones that I can wear every day, with a skirt, with jeans, with anything. Before, I had the choice of nice summer flats or sandals, which I have to be really careful to keep nice, or tennis shoes, which don't go with skirts. I also have to be careful not to mess those up. So, a few months ago, I decided that I needed boots, with winter coming and the rest of my shoes breaking. I procrastinated, though, not knowing what kind I wanted or really even what kinds there were. Just three weeks ago, I started looking online; browsing. I thought about getting equileather ones since they were so much cheaper, but as soon as I looked at the reviews, I decided against them. No one recommended them, and said that their pairs broke within three months (this is on a saddlery website). Yeah, no. I wanted durable boots to trek through mud and climb fences and do farm work in. Those were not the boots for me. I decided to spend the extra money and buy actual leather ones. I think my feet are pretty much done growing, so I got a size that I think will fit me for as long as the boots last - hopefully, a while!
        So they came! After three weeks of anxiously waiting for them to arrive, I have my boots! They are Ladies' Ariat® Heritage III Lace Paddock Boots in Chocolate; you can look on the Dover Saddlery website and see the lovely picture that made me decide on those specific ones. I needed the lace ups, my arches are to high for zippers, and plus, I don't like zippers. They look too modern. Here are the boots on me:

        And a few more pictures (yes, they are scuffed up already; I should have taken pictures when they were right out of the box): 

        Am I pleased? Yes! Definitely. The price wasn't so bad, either. I plan to wear them all of the time. I have already worn them non-stop for three days. Plan on hearing more about them, because I am completely delighted!


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