Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Knitting Order

        I got a knitting order from one of my co-workers a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd do a post about it. It is a rather large order, and probably will take me just about as long as I have to get it done. I am hurrying. If you don't already know, knitting is not a profitable business, unless, that is, you are making elaborate rugs or coats or things that you can sell for a large amount of money. Large amount of money meaning like $100 or more. I knit in my free time. If I can make some money off of it, that is a bonus, but certainly not a big portion of my income. It is doing what I like to do, so, well, I do it!
        This order is four sets of dishcloths and towels. In each set, there is a double-thick dishcloth to use as a sponge, a larger and thinner dishcloth to wipe dishes with, and a towel (about 10" by 20"). The whole order, I am guessing, will take fourteen balls of cotton yarn, each costing, thankfully, only $1.99. 
        It takes me about an hour and a half to knit each small dishcloth, three hours for each large dishcloth, and five to six hours for each towel. Now you see why knitting is not a profitable business. That is ten hours for each little set, and nobody is going to pay you even close to minimum wage for that time. So you really have to like knitting to do this - and have another source of income!
        I have finished three sets, and am starting on the fourth now. Here are some pictures I snapped yesterday of my progress so far. They are outside on the bricks because we don't have good enough light to take pictures in the house, but they give you an idea of scale:

         Something exiting happened around here yarn/knitting related! A yarn store opened up within a two minutes walk from our house! I have been in there almost every other day since they opened, and am knitting swatches for them to hang up. It is so fun getting to play with fine yarns! The business is small and family run, and absolutely delightful, and I am so exited for the possibilities!


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