Thursday, April 3, 2014

Daughter of the Forest

        I know I don't usually post twice in one day, but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible. It was quite an adventure, let me tell you. 
        So, my brother and I started out in the morning to go turkey hunting. The season opened a few days ago, but my brother has been sick so we hadn't gone yet. Today was the day, though. I packed light, and we walked up to that hill, the one we stalked the birds on before. I wrote a post on that here. Anyhooz, we have never been now hunting before, so this was a new experience. I can't say we were very good at it, but I suppose that comes with practice. ;) We were up there for a while; about two hours, stalking the birds and trying to find the big males. (You can't hunt females in the spring, and they're so small, who would want to anyway?). We were walking along one of the drainage ditches, when all of the sudden, my brother goes "Look!" I had walked right past a little faun lying curled up, right out in the open on the hill. At first, I though she was dead - we had actually come across a dead one a bit up the hill that was about the same size. But no, she was alive, although very weak and floppy when I tried picking her up. Sh was ALL legs! She seemed very lethargic, so my brother called my mom and asked her what we should do. 

        Since she seemed so weak, and her sibling had obviously died not too long ago, we thought it best to take her to the wildlife museum about a half hour from our house. We have had experiences with animals dying on the way there, however, so we decided to give her some molasses before we got going. I never have even seen a faun in real life, so to get to hold one on my lap while we drove was amazing! 

        Look at the cute little velvety nose!

        Her fur was SO soft!

        It was so fun to snuggle her, and I hope that she is fine now. At the museum, they said she was really dehydrated, so it was a good thing we brought her. All of our animals, even he ones we have just temporarily, have to have names. She was Tauriel.

        We'll find out what is happening with her - if they're going to try to release he back, in a few days. The whole thing was just so exciting, even if we didn't get a turkey. ;)


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  1. Poor little animal I am very sure she will be alright she is in good hands. You arrived in the correct moment. :)