Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bedsheet Nightgown

My grandma had some old bedsheets that had ripped, and she asked me if I wanted them to sew with. I said yes, as they were perfectly clean and only had a couple of threadbare patches I could work around. They were also 100% cotton, which is a huge plus. Cotton fabric in particular is pretty expensive, and as they are older sheets, they are most likely not GMO cotton. I kept them for a few days, and then decided what to make. I used a New Look pattern that I had gotten with my friends a couple of years back and modified it to my liking. I sewed for an afternoon and evening, and came up with this:

        Nice, isn't it? Yep, I thought so too. In real life, the ruffles aren't so crooked, though. They are actually waved, which was harder than I expected. (Please excuse the mess in the corner; that is my brother's stuff). It is SO soft! Since the fabric has been washed probably a gazillion times, it drapes wonderfully and isn't the slightest bit stiff like cotton from the store.
        If you were wondering exactly what alterations I made to the pattern, here they are:

  • I lengthened the bodice pieces by about an inch and a half and used one inch elastic instead of 1/4 inch. A bit more comfortable and better suiting this purpose, I think.
  • I did not gather the sleeves in with elastic. They are like wings!
  • The ruffles were an addition of mine. I had extra fabric so I made two. The top one, as I said before, is waved, though it wasn't really apparent in the picture. 
        I love this pattern because it is so versatile. I have made six dresses without any alterations, all from the long skirt, and short sleeves with no elastic. They are all with bodice A; B is a lot too low for my liking. Even A is pushing it. I like to wear something over or under so it isn't so low, especially when I am going somewhere. When I am going to bed, though, it doesn't matter. So do you like it?


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