Saturday, November 23, 2013

Peaceful Living

        We live in a hectic world - I do at least - and it is nice to step back from all the running to and fro and simply revel in God's creation. I try to make my life as smooth and peaceful as possible because it allows me more time, energy, and desire to glorify Him in all that I do. It doesn't always work, please know. I get caught up in life and passion and my world becomes a whirlwind. 
        This blog most likely will have a bit of both; peace and the opposite, that is, but I hope you enjoy your stay here. Some blogs I read are just so delightful, and I want this one to be as well. Some facts about Reyna Nicole (me): 

        I live in the suburbs. We have a small urban farm - chickens, pigeons, and a goat. Self sustainability and health is what we try for.

        I and a fond lover of music and play the piano. I also sing a bit, though ' very ill indeed '. 

      I have been home schooled since kindergarten and I love it! I am a sophomore in high school now. 

       I enjoy a good period drama every now and then (which means at least every week), mainly BBC. I will do a post on my favorites some other time. I am also a big Lord of the Rings fan; books, movies, and soundtracks.

        I want dearly to write a book, but fail miserably every time I try. And speaking of miserable...

        I LOVE Les Miserables! Don't ever get me started on it. I will never stop.

        We used to ' run to and fro ' as most people do now, but we slowed our life down and have been far more productive than we ever were before. The kind of peace I talk about is not the hippie sort (peace, love, flower power nonsense), but the kind that comes from a good week's hard work and a rest on the sabbath from our normal labors. Like what used to be normal!

        I am a humble bondservant of my Lord Jesus Christ and live to obey Him!


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